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Heaviside's dolphin (Cephalorhynchus heavisidii), sometimes called Haviside's dolphin after its discoverer, is a small dolphin found off the coast of Namibia and  ...

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One of the most poorly known dolphins and also amongst the smallest, Heaviside's dolphin has a blunt head, rounded, paddle-like flippers, and bold markings.

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Cephalorhynchus heavisidii species guide - Found close to shore in Southwestern Africa, they often breach and perform somersaults up to 2m in the air.

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Find out what's known about Heaviside's Dolphins, Cephalorhynchus heavisidii, Mammalia, Cetacea, Delphinidae, including their world range and habitats, ...

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Cephalorhynchus heavisidii (Gray, 1828). English: Heaviside's dolphin. German: Heaviside-Delphin Spanish: Delfín del Cabo French: Céphalorhynque du Cap.

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Measuring in at 6 ft. long or less Heaviside's dolphin is a fairly small species of dolphin that can be found living off the southwest coast of Africa. Sometimes ...

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However, common usage prevails and the species is generally known as Heaviside's Dolphin. A preliminary study of animals from Namibia and South Africa ...

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Heaviside's dolphins are endemic to the Benguela ecosystem on the south west coast of Africa. In Namibia they occur in abundance around Luderitz and Walvis ...

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The mission of the Namibian Dolphin Project: To assess the conservation status of dolphins and whales in Namibian waters, especially the endemic Heaviside's ...

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Heaviside's dolphins, Cephalorhynchus heavisidii, are a small, short-beaked dolphin found only off the southwest coast of Africa (Namibia & South Africa).