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Names of God in Judaism


The name of God used most often in the Hebrew Bible is the Tetragrammaton YHWH (Hebrew: יהוה ). It is frequently anglicized as Jehovah and Yahweh and ...

The Hebrew Names for God - El - Hebrew for Christians


he word El comes from a root word meaning "might, strength, power" and probably derives from the Ugaritic term for god. In Scripture, the primary meanings of ...

The Hebrew Name for God - YHVH - Hebrew for Christians


This is the Ineffable Name or Unutterable Name of the God of Israel. Because it is composed from the four Hebrew letters Yod, Hey, Vav, and Hey, it is also ...

THE MANY NAMES OF GOD - Agape Bible Study

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The most commonly used names for God in the Hebrew and Protestant Bibles are Ha-Shem (meaning "the name" which is used in the modern Jewish Masoretic ...

The Hebrew Names of God and Their Meanings: I Am and YHVH ...


There is a sacred, four letter proper name of God called the Tetragrammaton that most Jewish people will not speak out of reverence for His holiness and fear of ...

Judaism 101: The Name of G-d


Learn about several of the more important names of G-d in Jewish tradition, and learn the rules regarding ... The name of God should be treated with respect

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Oct 30, 2012 ... The Creator's name is not "god" and it is not "lord". Learn God's true name in Hebrew. For more info: http://www.worldslastchance.com/ Official ...

17 Names of God from the Hebrew Language. - ByFaith


Elohim: Creator: Genesis 1:1. Jehovah: The covenant name of God; our Father. Genesis 2:7. El-Shaddai: My supply. My nourishment, Almighty God. Genesis ...

What are the different names of God and what do they mean?


Why does God use different names for Himself? ... EL ELYON: “Most High" ( Deuteronomy 26:19) – derived from the Hebrew root for “go up” or “ascend,” so the ...

Names of God in Judaism


Many Jews also write "G-d" instead of "God". While this last substitution is by no means required by religious law (only the Hebrew name, not the English, is holy)  ...

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Hebrew for Christians - The Hebrew Names for God


Almighty God graciously chose to reveal His Name (i.e., His character and presence by means of His acts and deeds) to the world through the Jewish people.

O.T. Names of God - Blue Letter Bible


This name of God which (by Jewish tradition) is too holy to voice, is actually spelled "YHWH" without vowels. YHWH is referred to as the Tetragrammaton ( which ...

Names of God - Jewish Encyclopedia


—Biblical Data: Like other Hebrew proper names, the name of God is more than a mere distinguishing title. It represents the Hebrew conception of the divine ...