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Ross et al., 2003, 2004; Cui et al., 2004, 2005; Hegedus et al., 2005; Issaq et al. ... intensity vs. m/z data to derive summary intensity measurements for each.

Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology


Ross et al., 2003, 2004; Cui et al., 2004, 2005; Hegedus et al., 2005; Issaq et al. ... intensity vs. m/z data to derive summary intensity measurements for each.

Ventilatory Control in ALS - NCBI - National Institutes of Health


May 18, 2013 ... The lifetime risk of developing ALS is 1:400 (Hardiman et al., 2011), with an annual ... have a poor prognosis versus patients without respiratory symptoms. ..... 2000; Hegedus et al., 2007, Hegedus et al., 2008; Hegedus et al., 2009). .... cells (increased cell expansion and differentiation; Ross et al., 2012).

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Motors Liquidation Company (f/k/a General Motors Corporation), et al, v. Director of Revenue, Del. ... Hegedus v. Ross, 2012 WL 2884792 (D. Del.). Connolly ...

Uptake and Presentation of Myelin Basic Protein by Normal Human ...


Nov 17, 2014 ... Thornton BP, Vetvicka V, Ross GD (1996) Function of C3 in a humoral ... Langkjaer A, Kristensen B, Hansen BE, Schultz H, Hegedus L, et al.

The multifaceted roles of the HORMA domain in cellular signaling


Nov 23, 2015 ... ... to possess HORMA domains (Jao et al., 2013; Hegedűs et al., 2014; Suzuki et al., 2015a). .... 2, B and D; Howell et al., 2004; Shah et al., 2004; De Antoni et al., .... 4 A; Nelson et al., 1996b, 2000; Haracska et al., 2001; Ross et al., 2005). ..... De Antoni, A.,; C.G. Pearson,; D. Cimini,; J.C. Canman,; V. Sala, ...

Treatment of nontoxic, nonobstructive goiter - UpToDate


Sep 11, 2015 ... Author · Douglas S Ross, MD. Douglas S Ross, MD ... Vanderpump MP, Tunbridge WM, French JM, et al. ... Wesche MF, Tiel-V Buul MM, Lips P, et al. A randomized trial ... Nygaard B, Hegedüs L, Gervil M, et al. Radioiodine ...

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April 2016; SOGAARD M, Farkas DK, Ehrenstein V, Jorgensen JO, et al. Hypothyroidism and ... BRANDT F, Thvilum M, Hegedus L, Brix TH, et al. Hyperthyroidism is ..... VAN DE VEN A, Netea-Maier R, de Vegt F, Ross A, et al. Associations ...

Localization of sunitinib, its metabolites and its target receptors in ...


Jan 12, 2015 ... ... M Rezeli<sup>3</sup>,; T E Fehniger<sup>3,5</sup>,; J Tovari<sup>6</sup>,; S Paku<sup>7,8</sup>,; V Laszlo<sup>2</sup>,; B Hegedus<sup>2,8</sup>, ..... Analysis of the spectra was implemented with Xcalibur v 2.0.7. software, .... M3, an active metabolite of sunitinib (SU012662) (Rais et al., 2012) was ..... Fehniger TE, Vegvari A, Rezeli M, Prikk K, Ross P, Dahlback M et al.

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Mar 28, 2011 ... and to proceed in a 'dying back' pattern (Fischer et al. .... SD vs. mean ISI, both calculated from stationary fragments of at least .... cord injury (SCI) (Hager-Ross et al. .... Hegedus J, Putman CT, Tyreman N & Gordon T (2008).

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High-Affinity Interaction of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors with the ...


Dec 1, 2003 ... Csilla ¨Ozvegy-Laczka, Tam´as Heged˝us, Gy¨orgy V´arady, Olga Ujhelly, John D . Schuetz,. Andr´as .... al., 1998; Brangi et al., 1999; Ross et al., 2000; Litman et al .,. 2001 ..... tions between 5 and 20 μM (Hegedus et al., 2002).

Which physical examination tests provide clinicians with the most ...


Jul 7, 2012 ... Hegedus EJ(1), Goode AP, Cook CE, Michener L, Myer CA, Myer DM, Wright AA. Author information: (1)Physical Therapy, High Point University ...

A cellular star atlas: using astrocytes from human pluripotent stem ...


Mar 14, 2013 ... ... of interest [for example, the generation of CNS neural cells (Zhang et al., 2001) vs. ... (Hegedus et al., 2007), Costello syndrome (Paquin et al., 2009), and ...... Kim W. R., Chiang C. H., Yu H., Margolis R. L., Ross C. A., et al.