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In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle, also known as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities asserting a ...

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Important steps on the way to understanding the uncertainty principle are wave- particle duality and the DeBroglie hypothesis. As you proceed downward in size  ...

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The uncertainty principle also called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, or Indeterminacy Principle, articulated (1927) by the German physicist Werner ...

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Nov 10, 2013 ... An early incarnation of the uncertainty principle appeared in a 1927 paper by Heisenberg, a German physicist who was working at Niels Bohr's ...

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Sep 16, 2014 ... The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you can never simultaneously know the exact position and the exact speed of an object.

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The life of Werner Heisenberg, by the AIP Center for History of Physics. ... especially the discovery of quantum mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle, and his ...

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Because of the scientific and philosophical implications of the seemingly harmless sounding uncertainty relations, physicists speak of an uncertainty principle, ...

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This is called Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, determined that our observations have an effect on the behavior of ...

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Nov 4, 2014 ... Definition of Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Calculating uncertainty in position given the uncertainty in momentum for Bohr model of ...

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Sep 16, 2014 ... The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you can never simultaneously know the exact position and the exact speed of an object.

Heisenberg uncertainty principle
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