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I come at the end of time and the start of eternity. I come four times in every week but only once in four thousand years. What am I? Thread is locked. BarbaraPA:.

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How to Solve Riddles. Riddles can help sharpen the mind and open up new thought processes. Practicing riddles each day can help simplify thinking, provide  ...

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The best selection of good riddles and answers from all categories such as funny riddles and math riddles.. See if you can solve them all.

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Nov 2, 2015 ... Solve dis riddle: I am a word of five letters! People eat me! I am available in 2 colours If u remove my 1 letter i will be a form of crime If u remove ...

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Results 1 - 30 of 9964 ... Lots of brain teasers ,easy riddles and hard riddles. Includes a riddles search feature. ... Currently 100 Visitors are solving riddles.

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My sanity is in your hands! Here's the riddle: On a train headed west, I saw my old friend Bates sitting across the aisle, looking intently at a map. "Bates, you sly ...

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I just want to give you all a few tips on how to solve the riddles most effectively. My personal favorite riddle that I have given you all so far is this one: "Mr. C is a ...

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Anyone can hold me, even without their hands, yet no one can do it for long. What am I? Your Breath A Door Your Attention Silence. Also Try: Keira Knightley or ...

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Nov 14, 2014 ... SE and confused by the plethora of poem riddles springing up, I wondered: what are some tips for solving poem riddles? For example, it is best ...

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The single most important thing to remember when attempting to solve hard riddles is that they are meant to trick you. With that in mind, look for any language  ...

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Q: Help me solve this riddle.?
A: This is some sort of sentence code, could anyone please help me solve it. I will give you money! Sound Boi! Sound. “Efq, J bc haafca Gabnd, nda gamnlfsal fv qfl... Read More »
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Q: Help me solve this riddle?
A: shweta is the Gardner. Read More »
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Q: Help me solve this riddle?
A: 1008 cubic metres. Passage way 25m length x 3m height x 3m width = 225 x 4 = 900 Intersection 3m Length x 3m Width x 3m height= 27 x 4 = 108. 108 + 900 + 1008 T... Read More »
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Q: Help me solve this riddle?
A: This together with the chicken cross the road riddle is the oldest riddle ever to appear on Y!A and I will give you a star for having the guts to re-run it for ... Read More »
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Q: Help me solve this riddle?
A: First letter of every word. Read More »
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