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Do magnetic fields cause increased risk of childhood leukaemia via ...


Denis L Henshaw and Russel J Reiter ... workers (e.g. Hahn 1991, Feychting et al. ... Vijayalaxmi., Frei, M. R., Dusch, S. J., Guel, V., Meltz, M. L. and Jauchem, J. R., ... Melatonin suppression by magnetic fields. Kato et al. 1993, 1994a, b, c, ...

Electric and Magnetic Fields - USDA Rural Development


Power line magnetic fields are in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range of the ... of electric charges and are measured in volts per meter (V/m). ..... Green, et. al. looked at childhood leukemia and EMF exposure in Ontario ..... In 1996 and again in 1999, D. L. Henshaw et al. published papers suggesting that the electric.

Cancer Gene Therapy - Enhancement of electric field-mediated ...


Sep 17, 2010 ... The mannitol pretreatment in vivo improved electric field-mediated gene .... mice, respectively, as described in Henshaw et al. and Mossop et al. ... These tumor biopsies were suspended in 1% w/v agarose in DMEM, and the ...

Unveiling the Early-Stage Anatomy of a Protocluster Hub with ALMA


Aug 2, 2016 ... Egan et al. 1998) have received significant attention in the field of ... “quasi- universal” width of the order ∼ 0.1 pc (Arzoumanian et al. ⋆. Contact ... cles indicate the locations of 3.2 mm PdBI cores identified by Henshaw et al. (2016b) and .... This comparison shows that a greater number of objects (28 vs. 7).

In Vitro Active vs. Field Genebank Maintenance of ... - HortScience


roots, tubers, corms, etc. in field genebanks. (De Langhe, 1984; Henshaw et al., 1980;. Withers, 1980). Maintenance of germplasm in field genebanks is ...

Investigating the structure and fragmentation of a highly filamentary ...


Jul 27, 2016 ... important magnetic fields, in any fragmentation analysis. The identified cores .... et al. (2014, Paper V), who performed systematic studies of the kinematics ... emission data, which was first presented by Henshaw et al. (2014).

Fuelling decisions in migratory birds: geomagnetic cues override the ...


2001; Kullberg et al. 2003). First-year thrush nightingales exposed to a successive change in the magnetic field simulating a migratory flight from Sweden to ...

Electric Fields in Tumors Exposed to External Voltage Sources ...


Cite this article as: Mossop, B.J., Barr, R.C., Henshaw, J.W. et al. ... The electric fields in the center region of tissue phantoms and tumor slices ex .... The difference between Va and Vs is the voltage across the skin and electrode-tissue interface.

Autumn migratory fuelling: a response to simulated magnetic ...


Cite this article as: Boström, J.E., Fransson, T., Henshaw, I. et al. ... Recent experiments exposing migratory birds to altered magnetic fields simulating ..... Schmaljohann H, Dierschke V (2005) Optimal bird migration and predation risk: a field ...

Information from the geomagnetic field triggers a reduced ...


The migration modulation hypothesis (Holberton et al., 1996) suggests that during migration ... to adaptive fuelling behaviour along the migratory route ( Henshaw et al., 2008). ..... Division V, Working group VMOD: geomagnetic field modeling.

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Two types of fields from the electricity supply:


1999 IJRB 75:1523-31; Fews et al.2002 Atmos Res 63:271-289; Henshaw et al. ... associated with average 0.3/0.4 μT, 50/60 Hz magnetic field exposure – and ..... 2007 PLos One 2(10): e1106; 2Cry1a located in UV/V-cones Niessner et al.

Does migratory distance affect fuelling in a medium-distance ... - NCBI


Feb 16, 2016 ... In order to study if variations of the magnetic field can also influence the fuelling of both day- and ... decisions of migratory birds (Fransson et al., 2001; Kullberg et al., 2003, 2007; Henshaw et al., 2008; Boström et al., .... However, in the experiments by Boström et al. ..... V Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Correlation of density, kinematics, and magnetic field in the Pipe nebula. ⋆. P. Frau1 ... The dust extinction maps were derived by Román-Zúñiga et al. (2009 .... et al. 2011; Henshaw et al. 2013; Nakamura et al. 2014). The sound speed at 12 K is cs = 0.27 km s−1 and the pre-shock .... Peretto, N., André, P., Könyves, V., et al.