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EYE COLOR CHANGE RESULTS- From Brown to Hazel ... short time, after a liver cleanse with herbs, his eyes started to change color.

Jan 31, 2015 ... I can actually see this is starting to work. My eyes are changing colour right before me. I've Still got a long way to go but its always encouraging ...


Your eyes are the key to your health and your soul. Your eye color is a genetic trait that is influenced by your parents' genetic characteristics but does not ...


By Shekinah Sabrina Colcol, FoodFindsAsia |. A drop of honey in each eye on a daily basis will not change eye color, nor will direct placement of herbal tincture ...


how to change your eye color. How to lighten your eye color – before and after. Are you having a special event and you want your eyes to appear lightened fast?


Dec 19, 2016 ... Are there natural ways to change eye color? The answer is, yes and no. There is no real home remedy to completely change your eye color.


Drinking herbal cleanses. Herbal cleanses has the ability to change the eye color temporarily. When taken they change the hormonal level of the body causing ...


Page 1 of 2 - Eye Color Change with Iodine Supplementation - posted in Supplements: Hello, I've had dark brown eyes ever since I was a kid.


May 4, 2015 ... Find how to change your eye color without contacts or surgery and try ways ... There are many herbs such as Chamoline, Licorice and Uva-Ursi ...


Sep 26, 2007 ... Your best source of world-class herbal information! More. ... Has anyone else heard of our eyes changing colors while detoxing? I wonder why having candida makes the eyes into a color they are not? The brown my eyes ...