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Hermit crab
Most species have long, spirally curved abdomens, which are soft, unlike the hard, calcified abdomens seen in related crustaceans. The vulnerable abdomen is ... More »

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Hermit crabs are crustaceans. They have jointed limbs, claws, a hard exoskeleton, eyes on stalks, and two sets of antennae. Crabs interact with each other and ...

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The hermit crab is a small sized crustacean, that is found in ocean waters worldwide.Despite its snail-like appearance the hermit crab is related to crabs, ...

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Your pet hermit crab, one of more than 600 species of hermit crabs in the ... Wash everything you feed them or place in their habitat thoroughly to make sure they ...

Facts and Information about the Halloween Hermit Crab (Ciliopagurus strigatus), including: Scientific Name, Other Common Names, Identification, Distribution, Average Size, Habitat, Minimum Tank Size Suggested, Reef Tank Suitability, Characteristics & Compatibility, Diet... More »
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Information and links about raising land hermit crabs.

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Facts and Information about Hermit Crab. Hermit Crab Description, Behavior, Feeding, Reproduction, Hermit Crab threats and more.

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Distribution and Habitat. Land hermit crabs of many different species are found in tropical areas of the Indo-region, the western Atlantic, and the western ...

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Lots of hermit crab facts, hermit crabs are really interesting. ... That's why your hermit crab pet needs to have another shell in his habitat, in case he needs to ...

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Hermit Crabs are crustaceans, animals that have an exoskeleton and jointed legs . ... support for their body but does not provide much protection from predators.

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Q: Hermit Crab Information for Kids.
A: Hermit crabs are pretty cool-looking animals and can be fun and entertaining pets. But it's important to know all the facts and information about these little g... Read More »
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Q: Hermit Crab Information for Kids.
A: Like many small creatures, the hermit crab is nocturnal. This means the hermit crab tends to sleep during the day and become active at night, like hamsters. The... Read More »
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Q: Hermit Crab Information?
A: Please do not try to pull your hermit crab out of it shell! They will hold on and be torn in two rather than leave the safety of their shell. Just let it climb ... Read More »
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A: This site has all the information you asked. http://www.hermit-crabs.com/. Read More »
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A: More and more people are now turning their interests in rearing hermit crabs in their aquarium. This is because the hermits do not need too much maintenance muc... Read More »
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