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Exercise-enhanced Neuroplasticity Targeting Motor and Cognitive ...


Jul 1, 2013 ... Rochester L, Baker K, Hetherington V, et al. Evidence for .... VanLeeuwen JE, Petzinger GM, Walsh JP, Akopian GK, Vuckovic M, Jakowec MW.

Invited Commentary | Physical Therapy Journal


Yen et al describe a different approach to improving motor control and reducing fall risk among patients with PD. .... Petzinger GM,; Walsh JP,; Akopian G,; et al . Effects of treadmill ... Rochester L,; Baker K,; Hetherington V,; et al . Evidence for  ...

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Jan 17, 2013 ... Inc. (flkla Global Financial, Inc.), and Michael J. V/alsh d/b/a Walsh & Co ... Lindsey et al., Docket No. ...... Edison McDowell & Hetherington, LLP.

References in Exercise-enhanced neuroplasticity targeting motor ...


35Rochester, L, Baker, K, Hetherington, V et al. ..... 89VanLeeuwen, JE, Petzinger, GM, Walsh, JP, Akopian, GK, Vuckovic, M, and Jakowec, MW. Altered AMPA ...

steven t. walsh - Anderson School of Management - University of ...


B.9 Walsh, S., Wylde, J. et al., (2005), “The International RF MEMS Roadmap,” MANCEF, ... Walsh, S. T., Tierney, R., Curran, S., Saile, Mani, H.S., Chavez, V., .... A.J.41 Tierney, R., Groen, A. J., Harms R., Luizink, M., Hetherington, D., Stewart, ...

Impaired Retention of Motor Learning of Writing Skills in Patients ...


Feb 10, 2016 ... Heremans et al. ... Vandenbossche et al. ... [5] and Nackaerts et al. .... For the automatization task (single- vs dual-task writing) a significant Time by ...... Rochester L, Baker K, Hetherington V, Jones D, Willems AM, Kwakkel G, et al. ... Petzinger GM, Fisher BE, McEwen S, Beeler JA, Walsh JP, Jakowec MW.

Virtual Reality for Gait Training - The Journals of Gerontology: Series A


Nov 24, 2010 ... MIRELMAN ET AL. 236 ..... Petzinger GM, Walsh JP, Akopian G, et al. Effects of ... Rochester L, Baker K, Hetherington V, et al. Evidence for ...

Ambulatory activity in incident Parkinson's: more than meets the eye?


Jul 31, 2013 ... Rochester L, Jones D, Hetherington V et al (2006) Gait and gait- .... Petzinger GM , Walsh JP, Akopian G et al (2007) Effects of treadmill exercise ...

Integrating Family Resilience and Family Stress ... - HBFT Partnership


(a) the meaning of significant risk exposure (vs. the normal ..... silience ( McCubbin et al., 1995; Walsh, 1998). .... even more competent (Hetherington, 1984).

Helping Survivors of Medulloblastoma Learn From What We Learn


Oct 1, 2013 ... Silber JH, Radcliffe J, Peckham V, et al: Whole-brain irradiation and decline ... Ris MD, Walsh K, Wallace D, et al: Intellectual and academic outcome ... Dennis M, Hetherington CR, Spiegler BJ: Memory and attention after.

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Effect of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation on dual-task ...


Jul 10, 2014 ... This paradigm was adapted from work by Alberts et al in older healthy adults and patients with PD. ... For motor data, a 2×3 × 2 (stimulation off vs on)×(n-back difficulty n=0, n=1, n=2)×(task paradigm single-task ..... Walsh RA, Sidiropoulos C , Lozano AM, et al. ... Rochester L, Hetherington V, Jones D, et al.

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Feb 22, 2011 ... V,. Cecil Sweeney, et al. Liquidator's Ex Parte Motion To Reassign Stayed Cases. The Petitioner, Robert A. ... By Writ dated ,6/22/09, the Liquidator brought suit against Michael Walsh, a ... Thomas F.A. Hetherington, Esquire.

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Unpublished Appellate Opinions for Oct 19, 2016. A-2929-14T1 FATIMA BOROVSKAIA VS. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF PERTH AMBOY, ET AL. (L-7953- 13 ...