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Hide Who Id Like To Meet Section on Myspace


Hide Who Id Like to Meet. These codes will hide the who I'd like to meet section on your myspace 1.0, or myspace 2.0 profile. This is useful if you decide that you  ...

Hide Certain Text on Myspace


Hide Certain Text On Myspace, Delete Different Text On Myspace, Remove ... like to use, then simply copy and paste the code into your about me section. Myspace 1.0. Hide the words: About Me, Who I'd Like to Meet, Display Names's Blurbs, ...

Hide About Me on Myspace


Hide About Me. These codes will hide the about me section on your myspace 1.0, or myspace 2.0 profile. The who I'd like to meet section will also be hidden on ...

Hide About Me & Who I'd Like to Meet Subheaders in 1.0


MYSPACE ANSWER. In Myspace 1.0, To Hide the About Me SubHeader text and the Who I'd Like to Meet Subheader, put this code into your About Me section:.

Hide About Me + Who I'd Like To Meet - Myspace Layouts


Hide About Me + Who I'd Like To Meet. ... What do you want to see more of on FCS? ..... A new generator has been added to the Image Generators section!

Hide Section Headings - Myspace Layouts


Hide Section Headings. ... Navigation. Myspace 1.0. Myspace Layouts Myspace Graphics Myspace Codes Myspace Generators Myspace Image Generators ...

Crash Codes » Hide section headings


myspace layouts, codes and more. Hide section headings. paste the codes at the bottom of your about me.01. hide the headings general, music, movies, television , heroes ... 02. hide the headings “about me” and “who i'd like to meet”.

Profile Hide Codes. - Roleplayers Resource.


Oct 22, 2010 ... ( About Me+ I'd Like To Meet ) HIDE CONTACT TABLE .… ... codes and help go to: http://www.freecodesource.com/myspace-codes/indexnew

Myspace Scripts / Tagged with "about me" - CreateBlog


Hide Blurb header and About me header and Like to Meet. Myspace ... remove ' about me' & 'who i'd like to meet'' text on 2.0 ... Speech Bubble Blurbs Section (:.

Lissa Explains it All -- MySpace Tutorial


How do I change the background color of my MySpace? ... To hide your MySpace friends, simply paste the following code into your "about me" section. ... You can find the "who I'd like to meet" section by choosing "edit profile," and then pasting ...