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Oct 20, 2015 ... In extreme cases, high potassium can cause paralysis and heart problems. If your potassium levels are too high, your heartbeat can become ...

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Hyperkalemia is the medical term that describes a potassium level in your blood that's higher than normal. Potassium is a nutrient that is critical to the function of ...

High Potassium
Potassium is an electrolyte important to nerves and muscles, including the heart. High potassium, also known as hyperkalemia, is a condition that occurs when the blood contains too much potassium. This may cause fatigue, numbness, nausea, breathing problems, or heart palpitations. High potassium may result from kidney failure, heavy alcohol or drug use, or chemotherapy. More »
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Having too much potassium in your body is called “hyperkalemia. ... If high potassium happens suddenly and you have very high levels, you may feel heart ...

Hyperkalemia (High Potassium in Blood): Symptoms, Treatments


Sep 29, 2015 ... But too much potassium in your blood can lead to dangerous, and ... they are less likely than ACE inhibitors to increase potassium levels; Blood ...

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Nov 1, 2015 ... High potassium level is a problem in which the amount of potassium in the ... Sudden collapse, when the heartbeat gets too slow or even stops ...

High potassium (hyperkalemia) Causes - Mayo Clinic


High potassium (hyperkalemia): Symptom — Overview covers what can cause ... the amount of potassium in the blood sample, even though the potassium level ...

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A high potassium level has many causes, including kidney disorders, drugs that affect kidney ... Kidney failure can cause severe hyperkalemia on its own.

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When your potassium level gets too high, you need to start investigating the cause. Learn about ... Go to DaVita.in Now .... Chewing tobacco or snuff is not necessarily a food, but using these products can also cause potassium levels to spike.

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A: High potassium, or hyperkalemia, is a condition were potassium exceed normal levels, which can put an infant at risk and indicate underlying conditions. Read More »
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