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Leukocytosis is white cells (the leukocyte count) above the normal range in the blood. It is frequently a sign of an inflammatory response, most commonly the ...

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When there aren't enough white blood cells, the body can't fight off infections. Too many white blood cells, known as “a high white blood cell count,” can indicate ...

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Jun 11, 2005 ... In general, for adults a count of more than 11,000 white blood cells (leukocytes) in a microliter of blood is considered a high white blood cell ...

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Jun 11, 2005 ... High white blood cell count: Symptom — Overview covers possible causes of increased disease-fighting cells.

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White blood cells (leukocytes) are an important part of the body's defense against ... Neutrophilic leukocytosis is an abnormally high number of neutrophils.

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Mar 31, 2015 ... DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a male, 84 years old and in pretty good health. The only problems I have are high blood pressure and cholesterol, ...

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A WBC count is a blood test to measure the number of white blood cells (WBCs) in the ... Some people naturally have a "normal" high or low number of WBCs.

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Blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells and blood platelets. ... Treatments for high white blood cell counts typically focus on addressing the ...

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We examined whether a high white blood cell count (WBC), a marker of inflammation, predicts a worsening of insulin action, insulin secretory function, and the ...

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White blood cells (WBCs) or leukocytes are an integral part of your immune system and help fight infections by eliminating viruses, bacteria and germs from your ...

More than 11,000 leukocytes in a microliter of blood in adults is generally considered a high white blood cell count, while a count lower than 4,000 white blood cells per microliter of blood is generally considered a low.
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After diagnosing the cause of a high or low WBC count and recommending a treatment plan, doctors will periodically recheck your white blood cells. If your white ...

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Mar 13, 2013 ... A high white blood cell count isn't a specific disease, but it can indicate another problem, such as infection, stress, inflammation, trauma, allergy ...

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Oct 29, 2015 ... The white blood cell count (WBC) is used to help diagnose an infection, ... A high white blood cell count, called leukocytosis, may result from a ...