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Taosi is an archaeological site in Xiangfen County, Shanxi, China. Taosi is considered to be ... An internal rammed-earth wall separated the residential and ceremonial areas ... Jump up ^ David Pankenier, et. al (2008), The Xiangfen, Taosi site: A ... Astronomical date of the "observatory" at Taosi site; Higham, Charles, The ...


Mar 27, 2017 ... Alex R. DeCasien; , Scott A. Williams; & James P. Higham .... We compared different branch length transformations and full versus reduced models using the Bayesian ..... MacLean, E. L., Barrickman, N. L., Johnson, E. M. & Wall, C. E. .... Kaplan, H. S. et al. in Guts and Brains: An Integrative Approach to the ...


Apr 14, 2014 ... 2006; Russell and Higham 2009; Higham et al. ... overground versus treadmill), ambient temperature, hygrometry, and type of substrate ..... caloric intake to replenish the energy used for moving up steep slopes (Wall et al.


chemically-defined medium containing 3 mM-Cd2+ (Higham et al., 1985). ... Cell pellets (1-2 mm thick) were fixed in 1 % (w/v) aqueous OsO, overnight at 4 "C, .... ( b) LPS isolated from the walls of control (-----) and cadmium-adapted (-) cells.


Feb 4, 2013 ... Radiocarbon dating followed the methods described in Brock et al. (26). Bones were ... Higham T, et al. ... Villaverde V, Aura JE, Barton CM.


centuries of the 2nd millennium B.C. (Higham et al. 2011). ... house floors and walls, rubbish pits, human jar and .... could have incorporated walls made of wooden posts, with ...... Thailand,'' in J.-P. Pautreau, A.-S. Coupey, V. Zeitoun and . E.


Nov 13, 2015 ... L. F. de Navas et al., Development 138, 107–116 ... M. Gallego Llorente,1*† E. R. Jones,2*† A. Eriksson,1,3 V. Siska,1 K. W. Arthur,4 ... F. Brock,10,11 T. Higham, 10 Y. Park,12 M. Hofreiter,13,14 D. G. ..... J. D. Wall, Proc. Natl.


Higham (1955), however, has devised an ingenious method ... TABLE V- RESULTS OF TREATMENT WITH INTRACAVITARY ... quickly through the thin wall of the sac, becoming fixed. .... State, the latter in Los Angeles, while Epstein et al. (?7.


... Wall Fixings · Cycle Parking · Parking & Travel · Cleaning · Smoking · Waste, .... P. Grindrod, D.J. Higham, and V. Noferini (2017) The deformed graph ... P. Grindrod and E.L. Patel, (2015) Phase locking to the n-torus, IMA Journal ... Grindrod, P., Parsons, M. C., Higham, D. J. and Estrada, E. (2011) Communicability across ...


Sep 4, 2015 ... 2010, 2011; Higham et al. ... 2013; Marshall and Stevens 2014; reviewed in Brandley et al. ... Island populations of Aegean wall lizards (Podarcis erhardii) are a valuable system for this type of study .... Therefore, we used both VS and UVS avian models to account for any predation attempts by birds with ...