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History of the United States public debt - Wikipedia


The history of the United States public debt started with federal government debt incurred .... During its first term, the Roosevelt administration ran large annual deficits of between 2 and 5% of G...

US National Debt and Deficit Debt History with Charts - a www ...


Charts and history of US federal government deficit and debt, with links to the numbers. Data from federal budget and Census Bureau.

Historical Tables | The White House


... surpluses or deficits, Federal debt, and Federal employment ...

History of Deficits and Surpluses In The United States - Dave Manuel


The United States has a long history of running deficits, but there have also been ... In the last 69 years, the U.S. government has managed to post 12 surpluses, ...

Historical Budget Data - Congressional Budget Office


This appendix provides historical data on revenues, outlays, and the deficit or ... Federal revenues, outlays, the deficit or surplus, and debt held by the public are ...

US Budget Deficit History - US Government - About.com


Oct 3, 2016 ... What has the U.S. budget deficit has been every year since 1969? See how much more the government spends than it takes in every year.

US Trade in Goods and Services - Balance of ... - Census.gov


U.S. Trade in Goods and Services - Balance of Payments (BOP) Basis. Value in millions of dollars. 1960 through 2015. Balance. Exports. Imports. Period. Total.

How "Voodoo" Caused Most of the National Debt - zFacts


Compared to the US economy, the national debt is smaller than it was after World War II. ... us-national-debt-gdp-graph ... Deficit: This year's borrowing.

The U.S. Federal Budget | Charts and Figures


View interactive visualizations of the U.S. federal budget since 1789. Compare revenues ... Total Surplus or Deficit as % of GDP. A measurement of the extent of  ...

Federal Surplus or Deficit [-] as Percent of Gross Domestic Product ...


Jul 29, 2016 ... 1929 to 2015, Percent of GDP, Annual. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data. Tags: budget, omb, federal, frb stl, annual, gdp, bea, ...

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US Federal Deficit by Year - plus charts and analysis


The federal deficit is the amount each year by which federal outlays in the federal budget ... It costs only $0.99 and it contains all the analyses of spending history

Government - Historical Debt Outstanding – Annual - TreasuryDirect


Oct 28, 2015 ... Schedules of Federal Debt · Securities Issued in ... Historical Debt Outstanding – Annual. 2000 - 2015 ... The History of the Debt. Our Heritage ...

Obama Has Presided Over 5 of 6 Largest Deficits in U.S. History


Oct 31, 2013 ... (CNSNews.com) - President Barack Obama has now presided over five of the six largest annual budget deficits the U.S. government has ever ...