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The almond is a species of tree native to the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and North Africa. "Almond" is also the name ...

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Learn about the long history of almonds and how this tree nut has been used for thousands of years.

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Those almonds you pop as a midday snack travelled a long, roundabout way before settling in California where about 80 per cent of the world's almonds are ...

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Almonds are mentioned as far back in history as the Bible. They were a prized ingredient in breads served to Egypt's pharos. Their exact ancestry in unknown, ...

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ALMOND HISTORY. The almond is botanically a stone fruit related to the cherry, the plum, and the peach. Almonds are mentioned as far back in history as the ...

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Almonds had been cultivated for thousands of years before they had an official name. Science finally caught up in 1753, the year that Carolus Linnaeus, the ...

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History of Almonds ... People ate the fruit of peaches and apples, but they didn't eat almonds - both the fruit and the nuts tasted bitter with cyanide, and if you ate ...

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The ancient travelers and traders, who circulated back and forth over the Silk Road route between Greece and Turkey, used almonds in their commercial trading, ...

All about almonds including history, nutrition and origin.


About almonds including almond history, almond trees, almond nutrition, almond origin, almond production, almond consumption,

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7-19-2013 See Article History. Alternative Title: Prunus dulcis ... Almond (Prunus dulcis), tree native to southwestern Asia and its edible seed. A member of the ...