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A cemetery or graveyard is a place where the remains of dead people are buried or otherwise interred. The word cemetery implies that ...

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Mar 16, 2011 ... From tiny plots to wide-open "rural cemeteries" and modern "memorial parks," the evolving design of cities of the dead.



Death is the final darkness at the end of life. It has been both feared and worshipped since the beginnings of history. For this reason, our civilization has ...

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II. BURIAL CUSTOMS AND CEMETERIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY. The types of cemeteries and burial places that might qualify for National Register listing are ...

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History of the Cemetery By Definition a Cemetery is place or ground set aside for burying the dead. The word was first applied to the early Christian catacombs.

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(Orthodox Christian cemeteries maintain this tradition.) If the hiding of the dead body was not, at first, a ritualized attempt to renew the deceased through planting  ...

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Researching a cemetery can be lots of work but very informative and ... The shape and material of the stone, its design, and the inscription are all clues to history.

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Throughout history almost all societies have employed different practices for disposing of and commemorating the dead. One such form is the cemetery.

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History. The grave of an infant at Horton, Northants. The term cemetery was first ... The first Christian examples of cemeteries outside of a ...

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During 1776, the De Anza expedition established the Presidio and the Mission Dolores Catholic Church within the current city limits of San Francisco. Catholics  ...