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A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal. The term was first coined in the early 1980s by Colin Andrews. More »


I would particuarly like to acknowledge the work of Terry Wilson, whose book The Secret History of Crop Circles was fundemental in stimulating my interest in ...


Jan 23, 2013 ... According to some estimates, crop circles appear every week somewhere ... of a crop circle, but a little historical investigation shows otherwise.


There are several theories held by cereologists who think crop circles are the ... History. A 1678 pamphlet entitled The Mowing-Devil is sometimes referred to as ...


Sep 15, 2015 ... Crop circles aren't a modern fad. Reports throughout history, before the term " crop circle" buzzed through the world, seem to refer to this ...


Dec 15, 2009 ... Crop circles are seen by many to enchant a mystical landscape: here, ... how these exotic responses arose, we need to delve a little into history.


Sep 15, 2009 ... Strange crop circles have again materialized overnight. ... in future art history texts as the most remarkable artistic innovation to emerge from the ...


As the Barge Inn and its surrounding area have a long and colorful crop circle history, a special topic on its history will be included in the coming exhibition.


The Secret History Of Crop Circles: Recording The Phenomenon In Days Of Old - Kindle edition by Terry Wilson, Andy Thomas. Download it once and read it on ...


Crop circle expose. ... At that earlier time in history the aliens had only primitive writing instruments. They were still using "pens" made of inorganic material, that ...