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Crust punk
Crust punk (often simply crust) is a form of music influenced by anarcho-punk, hardcore punk and extreme metal. The style, which evolved in the mid-1980s in ... More »

Dissonant Creations: The History of Crust Punk

Apr 7, 2013 ... The initial inspiration for the crust punk scene came from the anarcho-punk scene which included bands such as Crass and Flux of pink indians ...

In Crust We Trust | Souciant

Jun 12, 2013 ... One of the peculiarities of the early punk scene was the way that ... the Willamette River, is not the most cited locale in the history of punk.

Crust Punk Bands | List of Best Crust Punk Artists/Groups

All important, significant and iconic names in crust punk music history deserve your votes, so make sure to choose wisely. You can only vote once on this list.
Their concerts were often violent affairs, and they were opening the eyes of the music world. While the New York scene was reaching its heyday, punk was undergoing a separate creation story in London. The shop was simply called SEX, and it was owned by Malcolm McClare... More »
By Ryan Cooper, Guide

Crust Never Sleeps: 8 Anarcho Punk Essentials | SPIN

Punk rock has played fast and loose with anarchic rhetoric and imagery, at least since ... Chuck Eddy gives an authoritative history of a genre that hates authority.

Heavy Metal Classifications: A History of Hardcore — Metal Descent

A hisotry of hardcore and the many genres of metal that were influenced by it including its offshoots like post-hardcore, rapcore, crust punk, thrashcore, and ...

The Gutter Punk or Crust Punk Movement - Punk Music -

A definition of gutter punks, with a look at their history.

Crust Punk - DIY MUSIC

Nov 8, 2012 ... view source; history; other tools. page tags; manage files ... Crust punk was born in England at the beginning of the '80s. At that time punk was ...

Amebix - Monolith - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal ...

To me it seems crust punk is the forgotten older brother of grindcore. A lot of ... a must have for everyone interested in the history of extreme metal and crust punk.

Popular Q&A
Q: How do you be crust punk?
A: Don't shower or wash your clothes and listen to angry music. Read More »
Q: What is crust punk?
A: 'Crust punk' refers to the style of metal-influenced political punk born in the 80s in England. Read More »
Q: What is crust punk?
A: Crust punk is one of the evolutions of anarcho-punk and hardcore punk, mixed with extreme metal guitar riffs. We know everything! Read More »
Q: Who likes crust punk?
A: I love Crass and Aus-Rotten, never heard the other two. I grew up on Dead Kennedys, Exploited, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Descendents, All that good ole' shiit. Read More »
Q: What are the best crust punk bands?
A: It is a matter of opinion but some of the more popular ones are Antischism, Read More »