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Duct tape was first manufactured as a WWII military tool in 1942 by Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division.
It was originally used to keep moisture out of ammunition cases, and was based on Richard Drew's invention of masking tape in the 1920's..


The first material called "duck tape" was long strips of plain cotton duck cloth used in making shoes stronger, for ...


A Brief History of Duck. ShurTech Brands, traces its roots to 1950, when the Melvin A. Anderson Company was founded. Anderson, a tiny industrial tape ...


Feb 20, 2010 ... Duct tape was originally invented by Johnson & Johnson's ... As to why it was originally called “Duck” tape by the soldiers isn't entirely known.


May 6, 2016 ... One of the world's most versatile fixer-uppers only came about because of one persistent woman's plea to the President.


Apr 5, 2006 ... Fascinating facts about the invention of Duct Tape by Johnson & Johnson Co. in 1942.


Jun 21, 2012 ... As readers of Kilmer House -- and The Duct Tape Guys' popular ... Tape” because, as the story goes, it was 1) waterproof, like a duck and 2) it ...


The Real History of Duct Tape by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys. Tim and me researched the history of duct tape extensively - we even looked in books.


2 days ago ... So which is correct? “Duck tape” has the chronological upper hand, but “duct tape” is a more accurate description of the product's historical use.


There are conflicting accounts concerning the history of duct tape. According to Manco, Inc. (maker of DuckTm Brand tape), it was created by Permacell—a ...