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History[edit]. Cutaway illustration of a hobo stove, an improvised portable heat- producing and cooking device, utilizing air convection.

Don't Call Them Bums: The Unsung History of America's Hard ...


Apr 16, 2015 ... According to Roger A. Bruns' 1980 book Knights of the Road: A Hobo History, hoboes helped build the very railroads they traveled on, as well ...

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If the farmer was generous, the hobo would mark the lane so that later hoboes would know this was a good place to beg. Millie Opitz remembers hoboes coming ...

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Jun 13, 2008 ... Information on the hobos during the great depression this is not my video so no one sue me.

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This book is a compilation of different aspects of Hobo History from the end of the Civil War until today. It does not go into specifics about any one person, except ...

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“Missing Inventor Found in Reno Hobo Jungle,” read the 1958 headline of the Tucson Daily Citizen. Elmer Meukel, a 41-year-old self-taught engineer, who ...

Little-Noticed Survival Lessons From History's Hobos And Vagabonds


Little-Noticed Survival Lessons From History's Hobos And Vagabonds. As long as man has organized into society, there have been those on the fringe.

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Both Allsop (1967) and Anderson view the hobo as occupying a unique position in American history and society, inheritors as Mathers (1973) asserts of a ...

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Aug 21, 2012 ... The town of Britt, Iowa, is known as the hobo capital of the world. ..... and hoboes- at-heart all strive to spread the culture and history of the hobo.

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Thoughts of late 19th century and early 20th century America frequently evoke images of the romantic life of the hobo. Unlike tramps or bums, who only worked  ...

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The name "Hobo" first started appearing in the early 1800's. Before the Civil War many hobos had taken to the rails as a way of life. Around the time of the Civil ...

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Hobo, 1894. Hard Times in America. Printer Friendly Version >>>. In the period from 1893 to 1896 America suffered a severe economic meltdown that was ...

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A Social and Cultural History of the American Hobo.