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Myspace (previously styled MySpace and My______) was founded in August 2003 by several eUniverse employees. Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson were Myspace's starting CEO and President, respectively.

Myspace History: A Timeline Of The Social Network's Biggest ...


Jun 29, 2011 ... Check out the slideshow below to see a history of the social network. What are some of your favorite Myspace memories and moments?

The History Of MySpace.com – SocialSalesHQ


MySpace is a social networking site created in 2003. It was founded by employees of eUniverse, an internet marketing company. Chris DeWolfe, Brad ...

The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace - Bloomberg


Jun 22, 2011 ... In 2006, Jeremy Jackson—the buff, bronzed former Baywatch child star—couldn't imagine a world without Myspace. He was a single, ...

The History of Social Media | Digital Trends


May 14, 2016 ... We examine the history of social networking, from BBSes and Friendster to ... Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook: The Biz Grows Up.

How Tom Anderson And Chris DeWolfe Founded Myspace - History


The amazing start up story of Myspace.com See how Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe founded the company and spinned it out of eUniverse.

August 2003: MySpace - Then and now: a history of social ...


The social networking site, MySpace was founded by several employees from the Internet marketing firm eUniverse in August 2003. The core team included ...

"A Place for Friends": A History of MySpace - Random History


Aug 14, 2008 ... A comprehensive history of MySpace including its founders, growth, and corporate history.

The Story Behind MySpace - The New York Times


Sep 16, 2006 ... A controversial new report into MySpace alleges that its founders came from companies involved with spam, spyware and adware.

MySpace's Rise and Fall - A Timeline of Highs and Lows


Feb 24, 2011 ... The history of MySpace :: Established in 2003 and valued at pennies on the dollar by 2011... where did it all go wrong? One word: Facebook.