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Nigeria Background
British Influence And Control Over What Would Become Nigeria And Africa'S Most Populous Country Grew Through The 19Th Century A Series Of Constitutions After World War Ii Granted Nigeria Greater Autonomy; Independence Came In 1960
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The history of Nigeria can be traced to prehistoric settlers living in the area as early as 11,000 BC. Numerous ancient African civilizations settled in the region ...



HISTORY OF NIGERIA including Historic regions, Fulani and Sokoto, British explorers, SS Alburkah, Trade and anti-slavery, British colonial rule, Independence ...

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Nigeria has a long history, with its roots in early civilisations of distinguished artistry. The plateau area around Jos was a meeting point for cultural i.

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Jan 5, 2017 ... A chronology of key events in the history of Nigeria from its earliest civilisations to the present day.

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May 29, 2015 ... Country located on the western coast of Africa. Nigeria has a diverse geography, with climates ranging from arid to humid equatorial. However ...

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Early History. Little is known of the earliest history of Nigeria. By c.2000 B.C. most of the country was sparsely inhabited by persons who had a rudimentary ...

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Information on Nigeria — Boko Haram geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, a map ...

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Many reports claim that little is known about the earliest history of Nigeria. By c. 2000 B.C. most of Nigeria was thinly occupied by people who had a basic ...

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To appreciate why there are modern-day tensions in Nigeria, you need to understand the background to the country's history and politics.