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Nuclear fusion
In nuclear physics, nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei come very close and then collide at a very high speed and join to form ... More »

Timeline of nuclear fusion

See also: Fusion power § History of research. This timeline of nuclear fusion is an incomplete chronological summary of significant events in the study and use of ...

FUSION | Brief History of Fusion Power

In the 1930's scientists, particularly Hans Bethe, discovered that nuclear fusion was possible and that it was the energy source for the sun. Beginning in the ...

A brief history - Fusion - Euratom Energy - European Commission§ion=history

European Commission - Energy: Information about the Euratom and European Nuclear Research in both Fusion and Fission. How and why the Sun shines and  ...
Neutron-heavy U-238 has a role to play in the atomic bomb as well since its neutron-heavy atoms can deflect stray neutrons, preventing an accidental chain reaction in a uranium bomb and keeping neutrons contained in a plutonium bomb. In theory, it is necessary to split... More »
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nuclear fusion | physics |

For a detailed history of this development, see nuclear weapon. Meanwhile, the potential peaceful applications of nuclear fusion, especially in view of the ...

Nuclear Fusion : WNA - World Nuclear Association

Nuclear Fusion, information on fusion energy, including the JET, ITER projects, ... Nuclear Power in the World Today | Outline History of Nuclear Energy | World ... Hence thermonuclear fusion will always have a much lower power density than ...

Fusion Energy Foundation History

Results of major research attempts by numerous prominent institutions did indeed prove the possibility of nuclear fusion in controlled laboratory experiments .

A brief history of nuclear fusion

May 28, 2011 ... A brief history of nuclear fusion. Exclusive: Pat Boone covers how politics quashed research into promising energy source. Published: ...

Nuclear fusion - Nuclear Energy

This nuclear fusion reaction releases or absorbs a lot of energy and allows matter to enter in a ... History of nuclear energy · Nuclear fission · Nuclear fusion.

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Q: What is a brief history of nuclear fission and fusion?
A: Read "Swords of Armageddon" by Chuck Hanson. Borrow it from the library though as a copy costs about $300 Read More »
Q: How many nuclear and fusion bombs have been successfully tested t...
A: There have been around 2,000 nucle... Read More »
Q: How clean will nuclear fusion be?
A: The neutrons from fusion are far more intense radiation, per unit of energy generated, than the radiation produced in a fission reactor. A fusion reactor would ... Read More »
Q: What is the advantages of nuclear fusion?
A: It releases a lot more energy than nuclear fission and produces less unneeded nuclear waste. Read More »
Q: What is the history of nuclear energy?
A: History. Enrico Fermi first experimented with nuclear fission in 1934 when he bombarded uranium with neutrons. Scientists soon realized that the neutrons split ... Read More »