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Nuke may refer to: ... Nuke (Marvel Comics), a villain with the American flag tattooed on his face; Nuke (Squadron Supreme), a superhero from Earth-712; " Nuke" ... More »

History of nuclear weapons


Nuclear weapons possess enormous destructive power derived from nuclear fission or combined fission and fusion reactions. Starting with scientific ...

Nuclear weapons timeline - ICAN | International Campaign to ...


Nuclear weapons timeline ... A treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons in Latin America, the Treaty of Tlatelolco, ... It is the largest anti-war demonstration in history.

A Brief History of Nuclear Weapons States | Asia Society


The world's first nuclear weapons explosion on July 16, 1945 in New Mexico, when the United States tested its first nuclear bomb. Not three weeks later, the ...

This Day in African History: French Test Nukes By Alistair Boddy-Evans , About.com GuideFebruary 13, 2013 On 13 February 1960 France successfully tested its first atomic bomb near the Reganne oasis in the Sahara Desert in Algeria . Three further atmospheric tests were ... More »
By Alistair Boddy-Evans, About.com Guide

Read "The Development and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons"


The Development and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The 20th century saw revolutionary breakthroughs in many fields of science and technology. Besides ...

Nuclear weapons: a history -- New Internationalist


Jun 1, 2008 ... ... Manhattan Project and Hiroshima, to the Cold War, North Korea and beyond. New Internationalist outlines a brief history of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Weapons (The History) - YouTube


Oct 30, 2014 ... I still hear people argue that the USA should have done an A-Bomb "example" to show the Japanese the Power of the bomb and that it would ...

Nuclear Weapons: A Time-Lapse History - YouTube


Jun 18, 2011 ... Over 2000 atomic bombs have been detonated worldwide since 1945. This is a brief timeline showing every blast on a world map up until 1998 ...

A Brief History of Nukes in Space - Universe Today


Jun 25, 2015 ... In just a few short weeks, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will make its historic flyby of Pluto and its moons. Solar panels are unable to operate ...

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Q: Why do they forget that the only one that used the strongest and ...
A: They did it to put an end to the War that they had not started - and I must say it was effective. The Japanese slaughtered an equal number of Chinese in Nanking... Read More »
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A: Well, I know there is a show that explains the Earth without man, but I'm not quite sure about the name of it. The show will give an explanation of a different ... Read More »
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Q: Was there a time in history when it was really close to the whole...
A: In fact, yes, there was. In the Cold War, when Russia and America were sinking each others submarines, destroying each others satelites, and planting spies in e... Read More »
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A: Suddenly I'm reminded of that one 'Wizard of Id' cartoon... *Two scholars are arguing* <BAILIFF> Gentlemen! Your Majesty has decided upon the shape of the earth! *both l... Read More »
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Q: Why do people commonly associate Republicans with nukes, when in?...
A: Answer 1. Truman did. And who is the only party to draft in wars? Answer 2. Simple. Every Republicon I meet eventually goes into a phony bravado tirade and ulti... Read More »
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