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Orange (fruit)


In Europe, citrus fruits—among them the bitter orange, introduced to Italy by the crusaders in the 11th century—were grown widely in the ...

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Mar 24, 2015 ... Read; View All Media (8) · View History; Edit; Feedback ... The usual shape of the sweet-orange fruit is round and the colour of its pulp orange, ...

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For several hundred years this was the only citrus fruit known. Then came in order, but possibly centuries apart, the sour orange, the lemon, and the sweet ...



One of the most widely favored of the world's fruits, the orange, sweet orange, or round orange, was for many years known as Citrus aurantium var. sinensis L.

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So called because the end of the fruit resembles a belly button, the navel orange was far superior to other varieties at the time because it was seedless, sweet ...

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Jan 6, 2011 ... Today I found out the color orange was named after the fruit, not the other way around. Before then, the English speaking world referred to the ...

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Offering a look at the history of citrus and the Florida industry. ... Throughout the ages, the fruit of citrus trees has been a symbol of eternal love, happiness, ... probably Ponce de Leon, planted the first orange trees around St. Augustine, Florida, ...

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Want facts about oranges? Learn why they're so good for you, and how to best buy and store them.

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Feb 8, 2012 ... The earliest recorded use of orange the fruit in English is from the 1300s and came to us from the Old ... 5 of the Fiercest One-Liners in History.

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CITRUS HAS RICH HISTORY IN FLORIDA, OR HOW THE ORANGES GOT ON ... Orange trees were the fruit trees of choice until the early 19th century when a ...

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Apr 2, 2016 ... History of Orange Fruit. Orange trees were grown in Southeast Asia since ancient times. But the Western countries were unaware of the ...

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For thousands of years, they were allowed to grow wild and were most likely hard , inedible fruits. Over time, and travel, the orange not only became edible but a ...

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The blood orange has streaks of red in the fruit, and the juice is often a dark burgundy color. .... The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to ...