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History. Old Soviet colored pencils with box (circa 1959)

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Did you know that modern pencils owe it all to an ancient Roman writing instrument called a stylus? Learn more about pencil history.

Though graphite sticks had been used in England for marking purposes since the 1500s, the modern pencil was invented by Nicholas Jacques Conte in 1795, and consisted of powdered graphite mixed with clay surrounded by wood.

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This word was used for these very fine brushes because they were made from tufts ... “The stylus shown below is made for writing, from a sort of lead (which I have ... and then take as much of it in white Wine, or Ale, as will lie upon a sixpence, ...

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Here are five interesting facts about pencils (in some detail): One. History The “ lead” of ... After all, if you've made a mistake, you can easily rub it out. Also, most  ...

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In the U.S., wood-cased lead pencils were produced in the Boston area by William ... 169), "The demand for pencils seems to have been growing at an unprecedented rate at the ... Courtesy of the Museum of Business History & Technology ...

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Today we have mechanical pencils which can write and draw very precisely. ... Mechanical pencil is a pencil that has a mechanism that extends solid ... At the same time in America, Charles R. Keeran was developing a similar pencil but ...

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A mechanical pencil (US English) or a propelling pencil (UK English) is a pencil with a ... 1 History; 2 Mechanism types; 3 Lead variations .... Compared to standard pencils, mechanical pencils have...

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Sep 2, 2008 ... Since both mechanical pencils and the regular kind contain similar "lead" (a combination of graphite and clay), the primary decision here ...

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