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Peppermint is a hybrid mint: a cross between watermint and spearmint. Indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, the plant is now widespread in cultivation in ... More »

History of Peppermint


The history of peppermint goes back to ancient times. It has been used in herbal medicine since around 1500 BC.

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Includes: mythological beginning, the beginning: history of peppermint, mint stills: forgotten history, and peppermint historical tidbits.

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The oil contains menthol, which is responsible for the sensation of coolness that is characteristic of peppermint.<sup>1</sup>. History and Cultural Significance. The genus ...

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Peppermint history begins with the Ancient Roman scientist Pliny. It has been commercially grown for over 250 years and prized for its soothing qualities.

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History. Peppermint is a natural hybrid of water mint (Mentha aquatica ) and spearmint (Mentha spicata ) and was first cultivated in England in the late ...

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Peppermint currently is a popular flavoring in hard candy, such as round mints and candy canes, fudge, ice cream and gum. Long before its potent taste was.

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Apr 26, 2011 ... According to an 1851 history of the English town of Mitcham, titled Mitcham: Its Physic Gardeners and Medicinal Plants, the peppermint plant ...

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Characteristics of peppermint. Common English name: ... History of peppermint. Peppermint is a plant of European origin. This plant has always had a high ...

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The Benefits of the Use of Peppermint in Herbal Preparations.