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historical image of hair irons (top). A hair iron or hair tong is a tool used to change the structure of the hair using heat. There are three general kinds: curling irons, used to make the hair curly, ...


Apr 17, 2013 ... Ancient Curling Irons 6,000 years ago. Used by Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians , Greeks, and Egyptians Rod of iron or bronze that was ...


We are first presented with the use of an electric curling iron in the third episode of ... Regardless, the popularity of the style has embedded itself in history and is ...


Jul 10, 2006 ... History of the curling iron. Is there such a thing or is the curling iron just a modern invention? Each generation is the same. We think we have ...


The invention of the curling iron is not without debate. While Hiram Maxim is known to have obtained the first patent for a curling iron in 1866, it is Marcel Grateau ...


There aren't any pictures or descriptions available of the first curling irons because they were used by Babylonian and Assyrian men, and by Persian nobles.


Dec 29, 2009 ... While it's debatable as to who actually invented the modern curling iron, let's see what you know about the curling iron's unique history.


The curling iron was invented in 1872 by Frenchman Marcel Grateau, who used metal tongs that ... What is the history of the Oxinium knee replacement device?


Oct 19, 2016 ... History records show that the first registered curling iron patent was obtained in the year 1866 by Hiram Maxim, an American born British citizen ...


Jun 17, 2008 ... This antique electric curling iron has wooden handles and was made to plug into a ... This is a hair curling iron with a beaded silver handle.