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The History of Flush Toilets
Unsanitary conditions in early Europe were responsible for the spread of communicable diseases, as human waste was emptied into public waterways. The invention of the toilet improved the sanitary conditions of England, and eventually, the world. Today,... More »
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A flush toilet is a toilet that disposes of human excreta (urine and feces) by using water to flush ... 10 History. 10.1 Ancient flush toilet systems; 10.2 Development of the flush toilet; 10.3 Industrial production; 10.4 Spread and further ...


Read about the History of the Flush Toilet, by: Maureen K. Francis. This marvelous invention is a testament to how plumbing protects the health of humanity.


May 19, 2015 ... The centerpiece of today's modern bathroom, the flush toilet has equal roots in ancient sanitation practices, Elizabethan politics and Indus...


Jun 20, 2014 ... From Turrets to Toilets: A Partial History of the Throne Room ... The flush toilet was invented in 1596 but didn't become widespread until 1851.


A history of the toilet from the most primitive privy to the flush toilet.


Nov 12, 2011 ... The term "water-closet" was an early term for a room with a toilet. Originally, the term "wash-down closet" was used. The "water-closet" was ...


History of the Flush Toilet ... Page 1. History of the Flush Toilet · A Tribute to Ingenuity. History of the Flush Toilet ... Page 2. The Porcelain God · Clean & Decent


There is disagreement over who invented the flush toilet, and flushing out the truth is not easy. .


It is unclear who first invented the flush toilet. Although archaeological excavations in northwest India have revealed 4000-year-old drainage systems which ...