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Fantastically Wrong: The Weird, Kinda Perverted History of the Unicorn


Feb 4, 2015 ... In late 2012, the North Korean regime made a rather bizarre announcement, even by the standards of the North Korean regime. According to ...

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Dec 16, 2010 ... Unicorn, mythological animal resembling a horse or a kid with a single horn ... American Museum of Natural History - Unicorns, West and East ...

Unicorns in Ancient History - All About Unicorns


Historical information about unicorns in ancient history.

The Unicorn - A History of Mystery


The origin of the unicorn is much harder to pin down than the creation of the Pegasus myth. Pegasus is a mainly Greek/Roman phenomenon whereas the ...

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Lore of the alicorn, sightings, heraldry, myths, bible references, and international history.

The Mystery of Unicorn Myths - Gods And Monsters


Did you know that unicorns do not appear in mythology?! It's true. The mystery behind unicorn myths is revealed.

Did Unicorns Ever Exist? - Today I Found Out


Jan 20, 2014 ... According to Time Magazine's article “A Brief History of Unicorns,” it was likely Ctesias never saw this creature himself, but rather combined the ...

A Short History of Unicorns - Hitenism


Apr 19, 2016 ... High-growth startups with big valuations have been around for a while, but the name "unicorn" is new. The term was coined by Cowboy ...

A Brief History of the Unicorn | The Equinest


Oct 27, 2008 ... There is a lot of debate about the reality of the elusive unicorn & there are a lot of believers out there. This is an elusive creature said to possess ...

Unicorns are legendary animals from folklore. The first recorded mention of unicorns was from the 4th century BC in ancient Greece.
Unicorn-like creatures were also found in ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian mythology.
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Unicorns, West and East - American Museum of Natural History


While many mythic creatures are man-eating monsters or evil spirits, others, like unicorns, are powerful and peaceful. Both the pearly white unicorn of European ...

A Brief History of the Unicorn - TIME


Jun 12, 2008 ... The discovery of a single-horned deer in an Italian preserve resurrects humankind's fascination with the unicorn.

The History of the Unicorn - from our point of view - Unicorn Dream


Though written accounts of Unicorns date back only two and a half millenia, depictions of the one-horned beast can be found as far back as Humankind's history ...