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The violin, viola, and cello were first made in the early 16th century, in Italy. The earliest evidence for their existence is in paintings by Gaudenzio Ferrari from the  ...


A Brief History of the Violin. The violin is a descendant from the Viol family of instruments. This includes any stringed instrument that is fretted and/or bowed.


A history of the violin, when it was invented and how it has evolved over time and influenced music.


Outlines the history of the violin including its origins, early violin makers and key events in the history of the violin.


Kids learn about the history of the violin. a family of musical string instruments from the Renaissance.


Origin of the violin. Stringed instruments first were recorded in Europe in the medieval ages. By “stringed” we refer to instruments played with a bow.


The words "violin" and "fiddle" come from the Middle Latin word vitula, ... Amati family of Italian violin makers, Andrea Amati ...


History of the Violin. “The violin, so deceptively simple, can both portray and inspire every emotion imaginable, imitating the braying of a donkey or delivering a ...


Before discussing the history of violin pedagogy, it seems relevant to first consider: when did the violin emerge, who played the violin, and why did they play it?