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What Does the X in Xmas Mean? - Ligonier Ministries


Dec 18, 2015 ... The X in Christmas is used like the R in R.C. My given name at birth ... our alphabet as an X. That X has come through church history to be a ...

Is it ok to use Xmas to mean Christmas? -- Christmas Customs and ...


Find out what Xmas means and why we sometimes use it instead of Christmas! The history of the name of Christmas and Xmas.

The X in Xmas literally means Christ. Here's the history behind it


Dec 14, 2014 ... The abbreviation stuck and eventually was shortened to Xmas. ... the culture wars , the historical tension between the left and the Christian right.

The Origin of "Xmas" - CRI/Voice


Dec 31, 2012 ... You've heard the classic story about the little boy who noticed the huge red-and- green sign spray-painted on a department story: "Happy Xmas.

Xmas | Definition of Xmas by Merriam-Webster


Define Xmas: christmas. ... X (symbol for Christ, from the Greek letter chi (X), initial of Christos Christ) + -mas (in Christmas) ... The History of 'Glamour'.

Why do we shorten Christmas as Xmas? | Grammarly Blog


Sign up for our weekly newsletter and never miss a story. Join Now. GO TO ... But where did the X in Xmas come from, and what does it mean? In the Greek ...

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Dec 22, 2004 ... For some, Xmas is a four-letter word. But is it really ... She is also not convinced by the argument that the word's history makes it acceptable.

Why Is There an X in Xmas? - Ancient/Classical History - About.com


The name Xmas is sometimes seen as a move to take the religious Christ element out of Christmas. But that's not its origins.

Grammar Girl : What Does "Xmas" Really Mean? :: Quick and Dirty ...


Dec 11, 2014 ... Do you get upset when you see Xmas instead of Christmas? You may be .... This is a historical teaching moment, and you failed in my opinion.

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The “X” in “Xmas” — Learn the sacred, 1,000-year-old meaning of ...


Dec 21, 2015 ... But the history of the word “Xmas” is actually more respectable — and fascinating — than you might suspect. First of all, the abbreviation ...

The "X" in "Xmas" Doesn't Take the "Christ" Out of "Christmas"


Dec 21, 2011 ... Myth: “Xmas” is a non-religious name / spelling for “Christmas”. ... tagged with Christmas Facts, christmas history, christmas myths, etymology ...

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Dec 24, 2013 ... Rumor: The term 'Xmas' is a modern and disrespectful abbreviation for 'Christmas .'