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The Hitler Youth was the youth organisation of the Nazi Party in Germany. Its origins dated back to 1922. From 1933 until 1945, it was the sole official youth ...

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The Hitler Youth was a logical extension of Hitler's belief that the future ofNazi Germany was its children. The Hitler Youth was seen as being as important to a ...

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In 1920, Adolf Hitler, authorized the formation of a Youth League of the National Socialist Workers' Party (NSDAP) based upon the principles of an earlier ...

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The Hitler Youth, known in German as Hitler-Jugend (HJ), was founded in 1926, though its roots stretch back a few years. Its origins come from the Jungsturm ...

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A Hitler Youth poses for a photograph in the Rhineland city of Bruehl, 1934. In 1939, membership in Nazi youth groups became mandatory for all boys and girls  ...

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On September 1st, 1939, Hitler's armies invaded Poland. Six years of war would follow with the full participation of the Hitler Youth eventually down to the ...

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Hitler Youth units were among those in the columns passing under the watchful gaze of Hitler and Paul von Hindenburg, the elderly president of Germany.

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Jun 9, 2015 ... Hitler Youth, German Hitlerjugend , organization set up by Adolf Hitler in 1933 for educating and training male youth in Nazi principles.

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May 8, 2014 ... On 4th July 1926 the group was renamed the Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth and became attached to and run by the SA.

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Before the Nazi Party was founded, a strong youth movement already existed in Germany. It began in the 1890s and was known as the Wandervögel, ...