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February 8 - 7:00 PM
A Heroes and Friends... - Bridgestone Arena (Nashville, TN) 146 Tickets Available ($85-$569)
June 22 - 3:30 AM
Country Fest (4 Day Pass)... - Country Fest (Cadott, WI) 4 Tickets Available ($380-$397)
June 23 - 11:00 AM
Country Fest (Friday Pass)... - Country Fest (Cadott, WI) 4 Tickets Available ($346-$361)
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Water jet cutter - Wikipedia


A water jet cutter, also known as a water jet or waterjet, is an industrial tool capable of cutting a ..... Jump up ^ Fourness, Charles A et al, Paper Metering, Cutting, and Reeling, filed May 22, 1...

Evaluation of a newly developed piezo actuator-driven pulsed water ...


Jan 25, 2016 ... The piezo actuator-driven pulsed water jet system (ADPJ) is a new .... The transection area (38.4 ± 6.9 vs. ... Sato et al. reported that an endoscopic pulsed water jet system is a feasible .... Experimental application of pulsed Ho:YAG laser -induced liquid jet as a novel rigid neuroendoscopic dissection device.

Generalized Approach for Prediction of Jet Grout Column Diameter ...


and Chu-Eu Ho, M.ASCE ... 2012) and jet grouting (Burke 2004;Mihalis et al. .... et al. 2006) and (4) (Ho. 2007)] are listed as follows: D0¼kpk1. gQk2. gNk3Vk4.

The Molecular Outflow and Possible Precessing Jet from the ...


Shocks identified by H2 and [S II] emission knots follow a NW-SE jet close to the young stellar ... V. Mannings, A. P. Boss, & S. S. Russell (Tucson: Univ. ... Stahler, S. W., Palla, F., & Ho, P. T. P., in Protostars and Planets IV, ed. ... V. Rosero et al.

Linking the central engine to the jet properties in radio loud AGN


Mar 10, 2015 ... sample of radio-loud AGN (z < 1), in which the relativistic jet ... al. 2000, Graham 2007, Kotilainen et al. 2007), suggest a coeval black ... León-Tavares, J., Chavushyan, V., Pati˜no-Álvarez, V., et al.2013, ApJL, 763, L36. Peng, C. Y., Ho, L. C., Impey, C. D., & Rix, H.-W.2011, Astrophysics Source Code, 4010.

Electrographic UBV Photometry of the Jet in M87


The U, B, and V integral scans across M87 through the jet are shown in figure 2. ... The extinction corrections were E~U = -0.18 mag, L~&B = -0.12 Nucleus E J~et Ho" FIG. 2.-U, B, and V integral ... 1) Sandage 1970; (2) Baum Ct al. 1959; (3) ...

High SiO abundance in the HH212 protostellar jet


tures consistent with expanding jet-driven bowshocks (Lee et al. 2008). ... latter with chemical models of dust-free vs. dusty winds, and outline the work required ...

Electronic spectra of uracil in a supersonic jet - ScienceDirect


There must be an n,7r* state which is lower in energy than the V,TI* state. ..... Therefore, the arguments of Nowak et al. about the absence of tautomers other than ...

Discrete knot ejection from the jet in a nearby low-luminosity active ...


Radio and X-ray observations of the jet emission from M81[lowast], the nearest ... at a low relativistic speed of vapp/c = 0.51 ± 0.17 associated with the initial radio flare. .... Jorstad, S. G. et al. .... Ho, L. C., van Dyk, S. D., Pooley, G. G., Sramek, R. A. & Weiler, K. W. Discovery of radio outbursts in the active nucleus of ...