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Nazi Germany maintained concentration camps throughout the territories it controlled. The first ... Holocaust scholars draw a distinction between concentration camps (described in this article) and ...

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Concentration camps (Konzentrationslager; abbreviated as KL or KZ) were an integral feature of the regime in Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945. The term  ...

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The Nazis set up their first concentration camp, Dachau, in the wake of Hitler's takeover of power in 1933. By the end of the war, 22 main concentration camps ...

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Less than two weeks later, Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp, was opened. Situated near Munich, Dachau became a place of internment for German ...

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Jan 27, 2015 ... Pile of boots at Auschwitz concentration camp. ... The US Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates 15,000 died during the journey, with the ...

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In 1944 to 1945, the concentration camps were dismantled and evacuated ahead ..... eight out of ten of the Jews who were to die in the Holocaust were still alive.

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The Holocaust: Concentration Camps ... -Visiting the Camps -Photographs - Concentration Camp & Ghetto Money. Maps. - Jewish Resistance - Camps in Europe

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There were concentration camps, forced labor camps, extermination or death camps, transit camps, and prisoner-of-war camps. The living conditions of all ...

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Oct 16, 2011 ... Dachau was the first German concentration camp, opened in 1933. ... This photo provided by Paris' Holocaust Memorial shows a German ...

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A Final Solution: Concentration Camps. The ghettos were a terrible experience, but no one predicted the horror holocaust awaiting the Jewish people after they ...

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Most prisoners in the early concentration camps were German Communists, Socialists, Social Democrats, Roma (Gypsies), Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, ...

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Check out pictures from the Holocaust Concentration Camps gallery. Browse more The Holocaust pictures and more on History.com.

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A concentration camp is a place where people are detained or confined without trial. Prisoners were kept in extremely harsh conditions and without any rights.