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A hickey, also known as a kiss mark or love bite, is actually a kind of bruise. Hickies result ... to get rid of hickies. Here are the top 10 ways to remove hickies fast.


To use this hickey removal method, wrap several ice cubes in a towel and press it on the .... Want to know how to remove a hickey in the comfort of your home?


Nov 21, 2013 ... To get rid of hickeys fast, you can use natural remedies at home. ... also provide you a soothing sensation, helping you in fast removal of hickey.


Jan 13, 2016 ... You go home with a guy after a night out and things start heating up fast. ... banana peel acts as a cooling treatment that can help shrink the hickey. All you have to do is remove the peel from a ripe banana and place the inside ...


Just got home at around 3 am with a hickey, 1 hit it with ice for 20 min, 2 scrape with a coin, The ice will close your blood vessels, then the coin ...


In general, any medication taken for the purpose of aiding hickey removal should not ... A home remedy when tuna oil is placed on the hickey and left to stay for ...


Apply ice to the hickey. Placing an ice pack on the hickey as soon as possible can help to constrict blood vessels and ...


However, when they realize that it can reveal their truth in front of their family, they look out for hickey removal remedies. Even I got them when I was in the early ...

Aug 22, 2015 ... Apply an icepack or cold spoon on the hickey as soon as possible after you get it. You can wrap some ... 7 Ways to get rid of Hickeys : Remove a Hickey FAST. Productive Life ... Duration: 3:38. Natural Remedies 54,608 views.


A hickey is a wound created by hard-kissing or biting on the delicate tissue parts of one's body.Here are 17 natural remedies to get rid of a hickey fast.