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Some home remedies for deterring rats include removing food that attracts the rats to the area and sealing the holes and gaps that allow the rats to get inside. Rat repellents cont...

Home Remedy for Rat Removal
Rats are a bane to many homes. Rats find any opening, however small, to enter the home and live in closets, drawers and under cabinets. Since it is possible for rats to carry diseases, it is important to remove them from the home. Use a home remedy to... More »
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14 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats


Sep 14, 2015 ... Rats are those obnoxious creatures that can intrude in your home without being welcomed and turn everything literally into rubbish. For survival ...

14 Ways To Kill Rats Naturally - Boldsky


Jun 6, 2014 ... Want to know how to kill rats? Here are some of the ways to kill rats naturally and get rid of them completely with home remedies.

Rat repellent, natural home remedy, recipes for rodent deterrent


Ammonia? Peppermint? Cat Urine? Human Hair? Mix them all together in a paste? I know you want an easy solution to your rat problem, and a cheap one too.

Radio Islam - Home remedies to repel rats and mice


First option is the home remedy that is pet friendly and has no toxins (but is basically a poison for rats) it consists of mixing canned cat food in with peanut butter ...

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Mice | Grandma's Tips!


Apr 24, 2009 ... In just about every home remedy circle, you will hear that mice cannot ...... I am trying to figure out how to do this this time now that i have 2 rat ...

Home Remedies That Repel Rats & Mice | eHow


Home Remedies That Repel Rats & Mice. Mice and rats are a difficult problem to solve because if you don't want to kill or harm the mice, there aren't many ...

Home Remedies for Killing Rats (with Pictures) | eHow


Home Remedies for Killing Rats. Regardless of where you live, rats can be a disgusting and overwhelming problem. The average rat is a foot long including the ...

Peppermint to Get Rid of Mice - Herbs - LoveToKnow


If you have small children in the house or pets, using an herbal remedy is a smart alternative ... Mice can squeeze into a home through the smallest crack. ... is several inches long with a long, hairless tail, chances are it's a rat and not a mouse.

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Q: Home remedy for rat lice?
A: Yes, that sounds like the common symptoms of lice. "Homeopathic" remedies are kind of a pot shot. Unless you are an aromatherapist or consulting a homeopathic h... Read More »
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Q: What is a good home remedy for rat repository problems?
A: An herb called echinacea may be able to help your rattie friends fight off respiratory disease. Numerous scientific studies indicate that this herb might improv... Read More »
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Q: What do you recommend for home remedies? Pet Rats. /. mites.
A: Mela is only a problem if you let them eat the oil straight or apply it directly (it can burn). Otherwise, diluted as I suggested, it isn't a problem. I have ne... Read More »
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Q: Home Remedies for Killing Rats.
A: Regardless of where you live, rats can be a disgusting and overwhelming problem. The average rat is a foot long including the tail and will eat anything it can ... Read More »
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Q: Home remedy to kill rat.
A: I've had a horrible problem with rats in my house. I thought there was just one and called an exterminator twice. We laid snap traps, glue traps, and those ones... Read More »
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