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While it's legal to kill nuisance rabbits in some states, this should be a last resort. Repellents and other strategies can keep rabbits away from valuable plants ...


Mar 4, 2012 ... How to protect your garden from nibbling rabbits, humanely and cheaply! ... or whipping up a home remedy, then a commercial product is the easiest way to go. ... or install a motion-detecting sprinkler to spray them when they get too close. .... But if I ever do want to get rid of them, this is a great hub to read!


How to Get Rid of Rabbits. Rabbits live almost everywhere and are usually relatively harmless. However, if the rabbit population has gotten too large, rabbits are ...


Want to repel rabbits and keep your yard or garden rabbit-free? ... or yard, read our tips which will definitely help you to get rid of annoying little animals. .... Many people use pesticides or rabbit repellent home remedy as a repellent spray.


The bottom end of the chicken wire should be buried to prevent rabbits from digging ... Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.


Learn how to get rid of rabbits and keep them out of your garden with these tips. ..... Although it was once a common home remedy to use mothballs to repel ...


HOME · Library Topics · Health ... Dutch Farmers Turn to Tabasco Sauce to Keep Rabbits Away ... "This initiative is a perfect example of how you can get rid of the problem without killing the animals or harming them in any way," he says. ... Local farmers tried other remedies first: garlic sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

Jul 17, 2012 ... How to Make All-Natural Pest Repellent | At Home With P. Allen Smith - Duration: 3:02. ehowhome 190,522 views · 3:02 · HOW TO GET RID OF ...


Rabbits can create havoc on your property and getting rid of rabbits requires an ... If laws in your area permit, relocate the rabbit at least 5 miles from your home.


Although they can be quite a nuisance, you can get rid of rabbits from your garden. ... suggestions and home remedies available to control rabbits and get rid of ...