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Don't let cockroaches, insects, or spiders get the upper hand in your home. • Keep a can of WD-40 handy, and when you see a roach, spray a small amount ...

Home & Garden Maintenance - WD-40 Brand Uses


WD-40 Brand products can be used to remove unsightly marks from floors, walls, glass and countertops, protect garden tools from rust, and much more.

Uses - WD-40


Use our search feature to browse through over 2000 ways our WD-40 Brand products can help make your life easier at home, at work or at play.



The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to WD-40 Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or ...

Tips To Polish Metal, Clean And Remove Grime - WD-40 Uses


WD-40 Brand products can be used for many different tasks around the house, including to polish metal such as bathroom faucets, remove ink, grease or crayon  ...

40 Uses for WD-40 - Huffington Post


Mar 14, 2016 ... More than 60 years after its invention in 1953, WD-40 can be found in four out of five American homes. Here's what it can do. (Warning: We ...

40 Weird and Wonderful Uses for WD-40 | Lifehacker UK


Jun 28, 2014 ... WD-40 itself offers a list of other 2,000 suggested uses for WD-40, ... We don't have many beavers in the UK, but one of the more innovative uses is to protect ... There is some arguments about whether WD-40 should be used ...

WD-40 - Wikipedia


WD-40 is the trademark name of a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. The spray is ... collapsing. WD-40 was later found to have many household uses and was made available to consumers in San...

Almost 2000 uses for a can of WD-40 - Wise Bread


Aug 14, 2007 ... I wondered if perhaps there were 100 uses. Maybe .... How many separate entries do you need to say "cleans and protects metal objects" and ...

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A: Sep 13, 2010 ... If a case is used for storage, WD-40 is all the protection required. ... If WD-40 is used with teflon, silicone, graphite or grease, softening... Read More »
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A: Oct 18, 2011 ... I want to spray a little bit of WD-40 (since its the only type of lube I can get my hands ... I heard from somewhere WD-40 is also used in ele... Read More »
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A: Whatever lubricant you use, make sure you clean the tracks first and then try the door. You may ... Any remedy you attempt may be used as an excuse to retain ... Read More »
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Q: What are some uses for WD40? - Quora
A: Aug 20, 2015 ... There are apparently over 2,000 uses for WD40, but here are just a few: ... 40 reasons why WD-40 is AMAZING - Expert Home Tips. 22 Views. Read More »
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