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Q: Homework help - physics (resistivity)?
A: 1. mass = density*volume = density*length*area = density*length*pi*radius^2 2. resistance = resistivity*length/area = resistivity*length/(pi*radius^2) 2 eqns., ... Read More »
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Q: Homework Help Physics Question?
A: A disk having moment of inertia 92 kg · m2 is free to rotate without friction, starting from rest, about a fixed axis through its center as shown at the top of ... Read More »
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Q: Homework help for physics.
A: The acceleration is used to stop the plane, thus it is opposite to the velocity. Velocity is due south, thus acceleration is due north. For the magnitude use. w... Read More »
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Q: What was the skateboarder'? Help with physics homework please...
A: Let u be his speed at point A. Provided there is no friction, conservation of energy means that u is also his upward velocity on leaving the ramp. If h is the h... Read More »
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Q: Please help!physics homework help!
A: This is a 2-D conservation of momentum problem. Recall that the equation of Kinetic energy is Ek=1/2(m)v^2) where Ek is the kinetic energy, m is the objects mas... Read More »
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