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The horned puffin (Fratercula corniculata) is an auk, similar in appearance to the Atlantic puffin. It is a pelagic seabird that feeds primarily by diving for fish.

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A striking seabird, the Horned Puffin nests in colonies on islands and coastlines of Alaska. It spends most of the year on the high seas of the northern Pacific.

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Very similar to the famous Atlantic Puffin, but with different bill colors and a longer fleshy "horn" above each eye. Found mainly on islands around the coastline of ...

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Horned puffins live primarily on the open ocean, but return to coastal nesting grounds in summer, where they mate and raise their chicks. They nest in crevices  ...

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The horned puffin is a small, pigeon-sized bird with black uppersides and a white chest and undersides. It has a white face and cheeks with a small black.

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Horned Puffins are migratory seabirds of open ocean waters in the winter and coastal islands and rocky cliffs in the summer breeding season. The 'horned' part  ...

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Information and pictures of Horned and Tufted puffins.

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Horned puffins are monomorphic; the male and female exhibit the same plumage coloration. In summer, it has a small, fleshy, dark "horn" above each eye from ...

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Fratercula corniculata, horned puffins, is widespread in the Pacific and low Arctic. It breeds along the coast of British Columbia, on some islands and peninsulas ...

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Two species of puffins nest in Kenai Fjords National Park, the horned and the tufted. The puffins we see from the tour boats are ready for the breeding season.