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Arizona v. United States


Arizona v. United States, 567 U.S. ___ (2012), was a United States Supreme Court case involving Arizona's S.B. 1070, a state law intended to punish unauthorized immigrants. At issue is whether t...

Guidelines for Raptor Conservation in the Western United States


the energy industry, state natural resource agencies, universities, and non- governmental ..... based on status, tolerance, and range of species relative to energy development. 55 v .... (http://www.fws.gov/migratorybirds/issues/ BaldEagle/ ..... maintenance or improvement of raptor nesting/roosting habitat ( Kochert et al. 1988 ...

Blood Parasites in Owls with Conservation Implications for the ...


May 28, 2008 ... In the United States, Barred Owls were first recorded in Washington in 1965 ... Telford et al. .... the Northern Spotted Owls when compared between states (WA vs. ... Spotted, and Great-horned Owls showed that lineage diversity from 30 ..... and White-tailed Sea Eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) from Kazakhstan.

bald eagle monitoring guidelines - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


United States Fish and Wildlife Service ... (http://wld.fwc.state.fl.us/eagle/ eaglenests/), which should be consulted to ... over the past two decades in Florida (e.g., Wood 1992, Nesbitt et al. 1993 .... Additionally, monitoring may cease if great horned owls ..... Evolution of growth rates in eagles: sibling competition vs. energy ...

Biological Assessment - Chapter 4


As stated above, peregrine falcons have not been observed in any of the proposed ... 1964; Johnson and Haight 1984; Unitt 1987; Rosenberg et al. ... The percentage of cottonwood-willow stands categorized as CW V or CW VI ranged ..... Little was known about the bald eagle in Arizona (and the project area) prior to 1972 ...

Assessing local population vulnerability with branching process ...


Dec 11, 2015 ... 2005, Allen 2011, Meli et al. ... The United States (US) has placed a high priority on increasing electricity ..... http://www.fws.gov/Midwest/eagle/population/chtofprs .html) and ... The Horned Lark is an abundant and wide-ranging species of ..... Grimm , V. , T. Wyszomirski , D. Aikman , and J. Uchmański . 1999 .

Comparison of Avian Responses to UV-Light-Reflective ... - NREL


Neither the United States government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, ... VEGETATION TYPES AT FOOTE CREEK RIM WIND PLANT . ..... have been reported from wind turbines outside of California (Erickson et al. ...... horned lark and golden eagle comprised approximately two-thirds (66%) of all birds ...

effects of fire on golden eagle territory - USGS Forest and ...


et al. (1987) predicted that burning may reduce et al. 1997). Black-tailed jackrabbits in south- golden eagle ... Unix erst\ of \\'ashlngton, Seattle, \V-4 98195 , USA.

Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide Assessment


Jun 27, 2013 ... (Watt et al, 2005) than first generation anticoagulant rodenticides. .... (such as pest control operators, public health officials, federal, state, and municipal employees ..... The 4 birds were 2 Barn Owls and 2 Great Horned Owls. The 2 mammals ... protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1962.

Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program - Draft ... - APHIS


by fax (202) 690–7442 or email at program.intake@usda.gov. Persons ... Economic Impacts of ALB in the United States . ..... and remove only ALB-infested trees, and all high-risk host trees up to a ½-mile radius of infested trees;. Executive Summary v. ... the beetle is endemic, and where it has been introduced (Haack et al.,.

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Arizona v. United States - Supreme Court


Jun 25, 2012 ... ARIZONA ET AL. v. UNITED ... State. The United States sought to enjoin the law as preempted. The ... verify the person's immigration status with the Federal Government. .... removable alien to remain in the United States.

Dennis v. United States | law case | Britannica.com


Dennis v. United States, case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on June 4, ... offense to advocate the violent overthrow of the government or to organize or be a ...

utah field office guidelines for raptor - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


In the western United States, the status of raptors is considered ... individuals, and not to the Federal Government [Sierra Club v. Martin, 113 F ... killing birds, contained in the MBTA and the Eagle Protection Act, applies to both intentional .... frequency of disturbance events, and may vary between species (Fraser et al. 1985 ...