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The hourglass dolphin (Lagenorhynchus cruciger) is a small dolphin in the family Delphinidae that inhabits Antarctic and subantarctic waters. The dolphin has ...

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Learn more about the Hourglass dolphin - with amazing Hourglass dolphin photos and facts on ARKive.

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Lagenorhynchus cruciger (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824). English: Hourglass dolphin. German: Stundenglas-Delphin Spanish: Delfín cruzado. French: Dauphin ...

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The hourglass dolphin is a rare species of dolphin that can be found swimming in the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic oceans. This dolphin is so rare in fact that it is ...

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Oct 17, 2004 ... HISTORY. Hourglass dolphins were not given a classification until 1824 and were originally classified as Delphinus cruciger. The word cruciger ...

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The hourglass dolphin's body is short and stocky, while the dorsal fin is tall and curved, sometimes even appearing bent towards the body in adult males.

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Facts about Hourglass Dolphin, The Hourglass dolphin, sometimes called the sea cow, lives in the Antarctic Ocean. "Scientific name for Hourglass Dolphin is ...

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Sep 4, 2015 ... The "hourglass dolphin" is a small dolphin in the family Delphinidae that inhabits Antarctic and subantarctic waters. The dolphin has rarely ...
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Dec 5, 2011 ... Stunning video of hourglass dolphins as we sailed across the Southern Ocean from the Falklands to South Georgia on the Golden Fleece.

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Range Description: Hourglass dolphins are distributed in a circumpolar pattern in the higher latitudes of the southern oceans (Goodall 1997; Goodall et al. 1997 ...

Hourglass Dolphin
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea Family: Delphinidae Genus: Lagenorhynchus
Species: Lagenorhynchus cruciger
The Hourglass Dolphin (Lagenorynchus cruciger) is a small dolphin found in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters. The dolphin was for a long time rarely seen. It was first identified as a new species by Qouy and Galmard in 1824 from a... More »
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Lagenorhynchus cruciger species guide - Found in the cold waters of the Southern Ocean, Hourglass dolphins have beautiful distinctive markings.

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Find out what's known about Hourglass Dolphins, Lagenorhynchus cruciger, Mammalia, Cetacea, Delphinidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

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Hourglass dolphins, Lagenorhynchus cruciger, are a truly pelagic species of dolphin. They are found throughout the southern oceans of the world and are ...