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While you can calculate an average hourly rate, it's good know ... hourly cleaning rate for U.S. maid cleaning services is ...


Check housekeeping rates on Care.com's Housekeeping Rates Calculator. The result is based on the rates reported by local housekeepers in your area.


To check what hourly rates are for comparable services in your area, go to Care. com and enter your zip code to see what other housekeepers are charging.


The average hourly rates for professional house cleaning services in the U.S. is anywhere between $25-$45 an hour. To be competitive with the other cleaning ...


Apr 30, 2013 ... Here's the going rate for professional house cleaning services and what additional tasks ... On average, hourly costs range from $25 to $45.


You can start your own cleaning company anywhere in the world. ... $19.00 (Per Invoice) - Remember, you are "fronting" a service and this costs you too. ... The hourly rate may be raised or lowered due to various factors, like if the cleaner had  ...


I pay $70 and the person spend around two hours cleaning. Is this a reasonable ... Coincidentally, they were all housekeepers. My take is that if ...


It is critical that the customer and cleaning service know what to expect from each ... Replace the rate of "$11.07" in the spreadsheet with the correct mean hourly ...


How much you charge for cleaning someone's house depends on the size of the ... Use the hourly rate as a baseline for determining the entire cost to the customer. 2. ... and invoices and utility costs such as your telephone and Internet service.


Hourly Wage, $8.35, $9.11, $10.49, $12.68, $16.55. Annual Wage (2) ... Services to Buildings and Dwellings, 115,040, 5.54, $10.79, $22,440. General Medical ...