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Babysitting rates – Dec 29, 2016 – (2 responses). Archived Responses: ..... daughter). I was wondering what the going hourly rate is for teenager to babysit. amy ...


Check babysitting rates on Care.com's Babysitting Rates Calculator. Its simple and free. Enter the number of children, zip code and number of years of ...


What is the going pay rate for babysitters these days? ... How Much Do You Really Pay A Babysitter? Products & Services ... “What's your hourly rate? I assume .... Their is always an alternative and that is getting a teenager for $10 dls an hour.


Apr 19, 2017 ... The 2017 Babysitter Survey, which is based on the polling of 800 parents around the country in February, shows that the average hourly rate for ...


Mar 7, 2016 ... Where we had paid babysitters in our old town $6-$7 per hour, the girls in ... earn $15 an hour babysitting in lieu of a traditional teenage job transition into the real world? ... What is the going rate for babysitting in your area? ..... You are calculating the hourly wage based on 52 work weeks and 40 hour days.


We are hiring a babysitter for the first time tonight (usually family/friends are available) and I don't ... I know rates have gone up, but how much?


Mar 21, 2017 ... Babysitter rates are climbing. The average U.S. hourly babysitter rate for one child is $15.20, though expect higher if you live in a metropolitan ...


Feb 8, 2010 ... I am just staring to hire a teen babysitter for Archer, my son, who is a year and 8 ... them over night i would do like a flat rate for that whole night.


May 15, 2015 ... Here are the average hourly babysitting wages in the nine cities that .... mention teenage babysitters, but this was based on Urban Sitter rates.