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General Cat Care | ASPCA


Get a host of handy information about your feline companion in our general cat care guide. It also comes in an easy-to-print PDF for tacking on your fridge and ...

Cat Care Essentials : The Humane Society of the United States


Nov 27, 2013 ... People assume their pet cats are independent, but they count on people to provide food, water, safe shelter, veterinary care, a clean litter box, ...

Dog and Cat Care Articles | Hill's Pet - Hill's Pet Nutrition


Learn how to build an easy, homemade DIY cat scratching post using items around your house! She'll get exercise and you won't get a ruined staircase.

How to Care for Indoor Cats (with Pictures) - wikiHow


It is important you check around your house from a "cat's eye" point of view and look for things it might hurt itself on and ...

How to Take Care of a Cat (with Pictures) - wikiHow


May 8, 2015 ... How to Take Care of a Cat. ... To keep your cat healthy and happy, you need to... ... Most cats will prefer the litter box to other parts of the house ...

The Rescue House - Cat Care Articles


Cat Care Articles. The articles listed below are just some of the ones we have come across. They may be of interest as you desire to ensure the longest, ...

Choosing and Caring for Your New Cat - Cornell University College ...


Before choosing a new adult cat or kitten, it is important to take time to ... on litter and boxes, see our brochure Feline Behavior Problems: House Soiling.).

Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats - American Humane Association


Like many cat lovers, you may have thought about letting your cat go outside. ... hunters who are capable of taking care of themselves with sharp teeth and claws. ... be sure to offer your cat several types in multiple locations around your house.

House Cat Care For Siamese And Other House Cats


Our top house cat care tips to help you keep your pet cats healthy and happy.

How to Care for a Cat | HowStuffWorks


Proper care of your cat can keep your feline friend happy and healthy. ... We will also show you how you can make your house safe your cat and what to do if ...

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Satisfying the needs of the indoor cat | International Cat Care


Learn about some of the difficulties of keeping a cat indoors and how these can be ... over-reactive to changes within their small territory (the house) and become  ...

10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors : The Humane Society of ...


Playing regularly with a cat easily satisfies her stalking instinct, keeps her stimulated and provides the exercise she needs to stay ... Larger perches can attach to the side of a house or ground-floor apartment patio. ... Cat Care, Behavior Tips.

Why All Cats Should Be Indoor Cats | Caring for Cats | Caring for ...


Six Steps to Having a Happy Housecat. 1. Bring joy with toys. From paper bags and rolled up balls of paper to motorized “mice” and laser pointers, toys perk up ...