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Incapacitating agent


2 Date rape drugs; 3 "Knockout gas"; 4 See also; 5 References ... A fictional form of incapacitating agent, sometimes known as "knockout gas", has been a staple ...

UHS - Date Rape Drugs


Information on date rape drugs. ... with a prescription and is also easily made using common household chemicals. ... Mickey; Mickey Finn; Knockout Drops.

Is there a convenient drug a layman can use to knock somebody out ...


I was thinking morphine, but don't know if that's a practical knockout drug in the first place. Also good to know, of course, is how easy it would be ...

Date Rape Drugs - CiuCares.com


They're nicknamed the "Date Rape Drugs," and the name says a lot about why ... what these drugs are, and how you can guard against their knockout punch.

Little Caesars Secret Menu | Details & How to Order - Try Nerdy


Find the Little Caesars Secret Menu items and discover which ones you should actually try. Learn how to order each item, pricing, availability & more.

10 Crazy Drugs You Don't Know (And Don't Want To) - Listverse


Jan 10, 2013 ... At school you're taught that drugs can do some scary things. These effects can be blown out of proportion, and make it seem like a few tokes at ...

A Guide to Date Rape Drugs


In about 55% of date rape cases for women, and 75% for men, alcohol or drugs had been involved prior to the incident. In many cases, people may not even ...

Knock-Out Drugs: Their Prevalence, Modes of Action, and Means of ...


May 15, 2009 ... Background. Knock-out drugs are used to facilitate the commission of a crime, generally either robbery or sexual assault. Although media ...

Drugs for knocking someone out - TV Tropes Forum


Oct 5, 2011 ... So let's talk about drugs that can render someone helpless. What would you use? GHB? Good old-fashioned alcohol? What are the range of ...

Sciencemadness Discussion Board - How do I make Chloroform ...


Knockout drugs. I have experimented with the production of hypnotic drugs and one I can recommend is a cyclic ether prepared by the acid ...

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A: You could get some chloroform in a chemical supply store, though. Read More »
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