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Don't include the spaces; use \b word boundary anchors instead: re.sub(r'\b\w{1,3 }\b' ... Though this removes some strings but it fails when 2-3 words of length less than 4 appear together. Like: I am in a bank. It gives me:


I've got it working fairly well, but it took two passes. public static void main(String[] ... The first pass replaces all words containing less than three characters with a single .... Why combination formula is counting things half?


Using regex with .str.findall and .str.join appears to be fastest: df['text'].str.findall('\ w{4 ... It would be interesting to get some performance comparisons, .... Converting document-term count in Pandas series into a python list ...


Assuming that only spaces split the words, you can use something like the following:- ... In my database i have certain stored procedures that perform a .... want to count the number of words that are less than 5 and 6 or greater.


Apr 5, 2014 ... Q: But how can I remove lines shorter then 4 chars? So remove lines that has 1 or 2 or 3 length in a file. UPDATE: ... Some more variations: grep .... file. or sed '/. ... If you don't count leading spaces in line leangth: grep -e '[^\]\{4 ...