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How App Stores Changed the Way We Buy Software, for Better and ...


Mar 3, 2014 ... Now that we have the perspective of time, how have things changed? Have app stores made software better or worse? I think it's a little of both.

Towards a Better App Store - David Smith


Apr 16, 2014 ... It is perhaps the most successful software marketplace in history. ... When trying to think of the areas and ways in which the App Store ... The App Store would be worse off if it were filtered with too harsh an opinion. ... The area that I think we could do much better on is the way in which they are enforced.

How to make money on the App Store - How to - Macworld UK


Jan 19, 2015 ... In this article we discuss ways to market an app successfully on the App Store: ... out the larger software companies and their swollen marketing budgets. ... How to make money on the App Store: How to improve your app's search visibility ... for the click, and they see that it's a paid app: they will not buy it...

Android App Store: The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease | Lessons ...


Jan 28, 2010 ... The critiques are not undeserved–largely due to its App Store, but the ... Apple should change the app approval process. ... competition; The hot new market; Better development environment ... Either way, the fact that the Android user base is less likely to buy ... I think we can scratch #3 as a good reason.

Panic Blog » The 2014 Panic Report


Jan 5, 2015 ... After lots of discussion, we decided the only way to provide a truly great ... We sold a couple hundred fewer units of Coda post-App Store ... The type of software we make just isn't as compelling to iOS users as it is ... A handful of changes: ... crunchtimes with ferocious overprotectiveness, for better or worse.

App stores and Linux repositories: Maybe the worst ideas ever ...


Jun 13, 2016 ... Linux software repositories have many benefits. But, like what happens in app stores, companies end support for them and your system stops ...

Apple details App Store changes including new subscription ...


Jun 8, 2016 ... Apple's WWDC event kicks off on Monday, but App Store head Phil Schiller is ... “ We've thought about how to carefully do it in a way that, first and ... external display at WWDC, announcements will focus on software ..... And on the potential new platforms Apple made it even way worse rather than better.

Apple Removes 300 Infected Apps from App Store | WIRED


Apple has now removed over 300 pieces of software from the App Store, after malware ... how hackers were able to hijack her account to buy new phones under her name, ... By calling @verizon and successfully changing my phone's SIM, the hacker .... Hack Brief: Last Year's IRS Hack Was Way Worse Than We Realized.

“Where's the App for That?” – Fixing App Store Discovery – MacStories


Jun 2, 2016 ... The good news is that change is afoot in the App Store. ... newfound emphasis on services, we stand at a unique crossroads for the App Store. ... I got in touch with several to assess ways to improve app discovery in three main areas: ..... So why can't I buy iPad-only, Mac, or Apple TV apps on my iPhone?

A Better Finder Rename | publicspace.net blog


There I've done it again: I shipped a broken A Better Finder Rename release despite doubling down on build ... The situation on the Mac App Store is much, much worse. .... Changing SDKs makes existing programs fragile. ..... We wanted to find a really great way to integrate all kinds of file meta-data into the product without ...

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Apps are too cheap | Dave Addey


May 7, 2013 ... This increases the risk of app purchase for the customer. ... We can invent new ways to work around the iOS App Store model – such as freemium games ... donations – which would make the current problem worse, not better. .... Apple is the only one able to change the Store to make expensive apps more ...

How would you change the App Store? | iMore


Dec 19, 2015 ... The App Store made software awareness, discovery, purchase, installation, ... and depths we're at now, why the Mac App Store lags so far behind the iOS App ... Improve App Store search with automatic widening, nearest neighbor, etc. ... To break out just one by way of example—how do you handle trials?

App Store ratings are broken, let's get rid of them | iMore


Jan 2, 2014 ... At their worst, App Store reviews - more specifically the ratings - are used ... sink a good app and the current rating system provides no way of knowing ..... is- change the paradigm of how we look at these reviews, realize we can't ..... its customers---the ones who buy Apple hardware, software, and services.