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Business Development Company


A Business Development Company ("BDC") is a form of unregistered closed-end investment ... BDCs are usually taxed as regulated investment companies (RIC) under the Internal Revenue Code. L...

Business Development Companies (BDCs): Another Tax ...


Apr 26, 2012 ... Like real estate investment trusts (REITs), BDCs are not taxed at the ... higher income tax rate rather than at the 15% rate for qualified dividends.

Before You Jump Into High-Yield MLPs and BDCs | InvestorPlace


Dec 4, 2012 ... So, in a nutshell: no corporate taxes and distributions mandated by regulations, leading to historically higher yields than traditional dividend ...

Like High Dividends? BDCs Are Worth A Look | Seeking Alpha


Mar 20, 2013 ... On the downside, because they don't pay corporate taxes, dividends paid by BDCs are not subject to the 15/20% maximum tax rate. Instead ...

Why Business Development Companies Warrant Consideration ...


Jan 30, 2014 ... Business Development Companies (BDCs) are publicly traded ... Oftentimes, a BDC will increase its dividend when market interest rates have ...

Taxes! What BDC Investors Need to Know -- The Motley Fool


Feb 1, 2014 ... Business development companies avoid taxes, but you can't! Here's how three BDC dividends were taxed in 2013.

Publicly Traded Business Development Companies (BDC's)


Because of the requirement that the BDC must pay out 90% of their taxable earnings each year these companies generally pay a sizable dividend (either ...

Preferred Stocks with Qualified Distributions | The Yield Hunter


Since 2003 certain dividends have been subject to the same tax rate as long term capital gains instead of being taxed as ordinary income. Remember that just ...

5 Investments Best Held in an IRA - Sizemore Insights


Aug 5, 2015 ... (You wouldn't pay taxes on monies withdrawn from a Roth IRA, but my ... The taxability of BDC dividends will vary from company to company, ...

Frequently Asked Questions about Business ... - Morrison Foerster


BDCs are closed-end investment companies; however,. BDCs are exempt ... Act to distribute a minimum of 90% of their taxable earnings .... Also, no dividends.

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Dividend Stock Income Tax Considerations - Dividend Detective


Dividend Stock Income Tax Considerations: what you need to know. ... BDC dividends are mostly taxed at ordinary income tax rates, However, after the year- end ...

Why Dividend Stock Investors Should Consider BDCs | Seeking Alpha


Jan 19, 2011 ... Business Development Companies (BDCs) offer some attractive opportunities for dividend stock investors. BDCs are now paying dividends in ...

Tax issues for business development companies - EY


discuss the significant tax advantages a BDC can realize if it qualifies as a regulated ... derived from dividends, interest, gains from the sale or exchange of securities and ... least 90% of its annual investment company taxable income, which is ...